4 th of July and our business freedom….

Happy “Almost” 4 th of July !

I recently read an article on “Quick Tips to improve your small business” at the about.com website.  As I read the 10 points …and thought about small business in the US and how it is the major engine of our economy…my thoughts turned to our freedom to have a private small business and how many recent events have impacted them.

Not only have we had to contend with the longest protracted recession since the great depression….we have also had to withstand increased taxes to offset the governments loss of income due to the economic downturn,  heavily increased regulations,  a “health care overhaul” that looms over all of us as we “learn” how much it will cost small businesses down the road ( not to mention the army of new IRS agents being trained to implement and enforce it ) and an ever-increasing international competition on every business front!  And while many people missed this headling…Euby did not…even with it being buried on the back pages of the news…our current administration is reviewing the “elimination of the Small Business Administration” as an independent department and folding it into another department !

The purpose of my blog today is not intended to sound “politically charged” in favor of any party…..but in favor of the “Small Business Party”!  When I see our freedom to run our small businesses being attacked…and even taken away….my level of concern rises….and the week we celebrate our Independence Day in this great country of ours felt like the “right time” to voice those concerns.  I trust you will share my concern when you review the “hits” the small business person has taken the last 3-4 years…and the others that are pending in the months and years to come.

I think it is time we spoke up as small business citizens….and I will start now by forwarding this blog to my senators and representatives as I wish them a Happy and Safe 4 th of July and polity remind them it is “Independence” we are celebrating….and not “interference” !

Have a Happy and Safe 4 th of July !


P.S.  The 10 tips were 1) Keep scores of your financial performance   2) Set Goals and rate your performance  3)  Use HIGH impact marketing ( love this one ) 4 ) Master your presentations before presenting  5)  Monitor trends and adjust as needed  6)  Sharpen your SALES SKILLS  ( love this one even more )   7)  Find your BEST PRACTICES and LIVE THEM   8)  Motivate your staff…show them the love !  9)  Know your limits and don’t over step    10)  Take a break….you need it !  ( I am writing this blog from Cocoa Beach !  so I got this one !


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