A new one for the Euby blog….

Those of you who see Euby on a regular basis know that over the last 16 months or so I have lost about 30 lbs of excess weight that had built up over the past few years.  I simply made a change in the foods that I ate regularly and the weight came off quickly and easily with my disciplined approach.

That started a thought process…yes…I still do take time to “think” occasionally….. about “sales” and “sales people” and how many are not successful or do not achieve a level of success that they could if they would implement a disciplined approach!  There is a tremendous amount of effort required in a disciplined approach to anything in business, or life in general, and the ugly truth is that most of us are simply unwilling to put forth the effort!  It is far easier to continue in the same path…and avoid any efforts required getting thru to the new growth….and of course…continue to receive the same mediocre results.

In spite of the constant “hype” telling us otherwise…. there is nothing short of putting forth effort in a disciplined manner that will lead to your continued success.  Take a moment to think about your current approach and what you could do differently to add the effort necessary to succeed or to rise up to the next level.  It is there…present in you …but only you can pull it out and use it!  Dig deep…get started this week…..make the effort to effect the real change you need to succeed !


P.S.  One of my fellow Inner Circle members is Janine Fitzgerald of “wellcoaches”… she shared with her clients the top Fat Burning Foods recently…and I ended up with a copy in my hands…. and after reading it shot her a quick note to let her know that while I do consume all but two of them on a regular basis…that most people probably were un-aware that they were as helpful in losing weight as they are…..so as a public service…I will share them with you….they are as follows   1)  Citrus Fruits – not my favorite..should do more       2)  Salmon  –  a regular on my  plate… like it just about any style      3)  Artichokes –  Great as a snack even      4)  Greek Yogurt   – excellent any time of day   5)  Green Tea… great for you and great tastes     6)  Coffee  –  who knew???      7)  Hot Peppers  –  put them into most dishes….  can’t get enough      8)  Cranberries –  Great flavor and good for you     9)  Legumes…. a great food source for all of us !  And healthy!

There you have it….first the narrative for inspiration and then the details for the instructions…..  go ahead……gain some momentum toward your success…and lose a few pounds along the way….a real WIN – WIN !




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