Voice Mail that will HELP you sell ! ( or get your calls returned….the selling is then up to you of course ! )


Good Tuesday morning !

I just finished a great read in Print Professionals July edition…. by Kelley Robertson on Voice Mail….THAT SELLS….


We are all faced with the “lack of response” to our voice mails….and just possibly,  it

is…….as the old Jimmy Buffett song so eloquently  states….”our own darn fault”….!!


Take a moment and review these 5 quick tips that Kelley pointed out…and of course

I made my own observations on afterwards ( don’t I always! )


1)       The message must have focus and clarity !  Don’t sound “surprised” to get

their voice mail….don’t you most often???  Keep brief and to the point ! They

are too busy to hear you drone on and on!  ( YES I know……I am guilty as charged!! )


2)       Do not make the message difficult to understand.  SLOW down… if you have a

heavy accent… try to speak as “generically as possible”….repeat yourself on the

important points of information …..especially your call back number.


3)       Do not leave your contact information as a “lightening round”…SLOW down and

leave your contact information clearly and REPEAT your number and / or email  a

second time to make it easy for them to write it down accurately.


4)       Leave a HOOK to get them to call back……a compelling reason…..NOT “hay if

you need something give me a call”….say “I have some very interesting news  to share

with you about……”


5)       Do NOT be generic…be SPECIFIC…again they are too busy to “guess” what

you are calling about….or if they really have a reason to call you back!


Sounds pretty simple…right?   Good luck….you might want to “practice a couple of

times” before you call….. and don’t be afraid to follow the prompts, delete and start

over. That is what it is there for….


Remember…technology will NEVER replace people, we all still need that “human

touch”….but people who embrace and use technology  PROPERLY will replace

those that do not!


That is it for now….thought it was worth sharing…  Have an outstandingly

successful week !


Randy  aka “Euby”


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