Impact of Direct Mail in Gaining NEW DONORS for Charitable Organizations

Good Wednesday morning everyone !

I have just returned from a “Family Reunion” ( with little business mixed in ) long weewkend in SC and PA.  Great time…great weather…great food and outstanding company !

Now back to the real world of business and productivity…..and based on the report I just read on thePSDA blog ( by John Delavan ) Direct Mail is STILL the king in Charitable

Organizatoins when looking for new donors….here are a few interesting stats….

People are THREE TIMES more likely to donate after being contacted by direct mail than by “email”.  Of the people in the suvey that were contacted after giving…17% had responded to Direct Mail and only 5% from Emails !

Donors 40 to 59 were the most responsive to Direct Mail….as 47% responde to the direct mail piece in 2012 …up 34% over 2010.  Donors over 60 also responded well to the direct mail application in 2012  …24% of them responded

and that was up over 6% since 2010.

Even the research company who did the survery was quite surprised….Rick Dunham CEO fo Dunham and company described the stats as a “bit of a shock” !

I am not sure why he was so surprised…it really falls right into line as far as the “Cross Media Sales Approach” is concerned !   The “email” part actaully enhanced the effect of the “direct mail campaign” by building awareness and credibility

for the direct mail application when it was received.  They actaullly compliment each other quite well…..

As I have mentioned many times…we all need to be aware of the various medias required to “reach” your full potential in any campaign.  We all receive our information differently, and as such, we must “touch” the prospects several times

and in several ways to insure full penetration into the prospective market place.  Keep this in mind when you go to market… need to take several “approaches” to insure success!

Have a great week….till next time…….      Euby

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