USPS now offers PayPal as a payment option!

A good Saturday morning to all !

The USPS continues to surprise us with new creativity that we are not accustomed to seeing….. the latest……  The USPS has added “PayPal” as a payment option for their very popular “Click and Ship On LIne label generating service” !

The USPS spokesperson Kelly Sigmon, VP of Channel access,  said that “Our Customers have told us that would like more payment options when shipping online, and that is why we are excited to announce we are now  accepting PayPal”!

If the USPS continues to listen to their customers and offer these continued enhancements, along with a continued belt tightening and consolidation of services, they might become a viable, profitable organization again in the future.  Recently, Euby has been impressed with their moves….and I honestly would not have thought I would ever be typing that statement!

Who knows where they go from here….but hopefully they will continue to innovate and “re-invent” themselves!

Till next time….. Euby

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