The Top….or…I suppose the Bottom 10 Jobs? Really?? Unhappiest jobs? Not with Suncoast’s Clients!

Good Friday morning everyone !  T.G.I.F. !

I read the following business insider report this last week….and had thought about not forwarding it due to the “negative tone” it sets for the chosen vocation of many of my clients.

However, after thinking about it further…and realizing that while this may be the “norm” in the industry…it is certainly NOT the normal with our Suncoast clients….so I will share

the link with you.

I am confident that most if not all of our clients are the “exception” to this article and that they  find their chosen vocation to be one of the very best.  I am confident that the ease of doing

business with Suncoast is a positive impact on their outlook, and we are proud to be a part of their success.

Take a moment to read it …I think you will find it interesting ….and to some extent uplifting to NOT see your career listed.  As the old saying goes…not matter how bad it gets…it could

always get worse!   Stay positive…stay focused and success and happiness will find you !   Have a great weekend!     Till next time….   Euby

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