10 Email Success Keys…..

Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone!   Since we are all away from the office for a  LONG weekend…we are all probably ( as I have been all morning ) using this time to catch up on old emails and clear out my inbox.

We are all using Email more and more…and as a result we can easily become complacent and fail to use the proper care with our correspondence, which leads to ineffectiveness and inefficiencies….so in an attempt to make myself more aware as well as share some pertinent information with the Euby blog readers…here are a few “keys” that I recently picked up from an excellent read at the airport.

1)  Be “Can-Spam” Compliant …( didn’t know this term till I read this )  Never be deceptive with your subject line, and include a full signature line with address and phone, and include OPT OUT instructions.

2)  Make the Email content as personal as possible!   The more “personal it looks” the more it appears to be from a trusted source…and as such, open rates are greatly improved.

3)  Use a dedicated domain.  Do not use your “company domain” for your emails…use a special marketing domain for all marketing campaigns.   This prevents any complaints from affecting your primary domain.

4)  response Options…. GIve the recipient the option to reply to you, or go to a website, or pick up the phone and call.  The more response options…the more responses you will receive.

5)  Tracking Tradeoffs… Recognize that the more you track the things like open rates, pages visited, click thru rates etc., the more likely your email will be seen as unsolicited and the less likely it is that it reaches your intended target.

6)  Check you Emails “spam score”…. go to http//ww.thecassiopeia.com/portal/spamtest.html  there are many others out there …and using as many as possible is advised.

7)  Avoid Spam Catches… there are millions of these and you can unknowingly include them in your email content.  The general rule of thumb is “don’t sound like a cheese commercial” and do NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS…or use words like free and discount frequently.

8)  Follow up immediately….. You must follow-up all responses immediatley…a real person would do so…. so your program must also.

9)  DIversify and Customize…you a large variety of content and subject lines.  This will make your emails look much less “spammy” as they hit corporate servers

10)  Timing of Delivery…. Be conscientious of the times, dates, days of the week, and frequency with which the emails are delivered. Tuesday thru Thursday are your best delivery days for B2B emails!  Emails going out in the middle of the night have a high spam recognition factor so avoid that if at all possible.

I hope these help….there were sure a few “eye openers” for me.

Have a great Long Labor Day weekend !  I am off to Monteray CA for the entire week…so until next weekend….Have a wonderful weekend with the family and be safe !     The Traveling Euby.

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