Thankful for ALL of you !

I trust everyone had a wonderful “Thanksgiving” weekend with their family and friends.  The “Euby” household certainly did…..”Grandpa Euby” in town along with most of the family and some great friends.  Lot’s of food and drink along with a few moments of reflection as we went around the table from the “oldest” to the “youngest” to say one of the things we were most “thankful” for over the past year.  After the festivities were all over…and a good night of “food coma” sleep….I have to admit that as I jumped onto the remote access to see if there were any client requirements on Friday morning ( Suncoast was closed on Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving ) I started to think about how “Thankful” I personally am for all of our loyal clients…many of which I have done business with , and built long-term friendships with over the past…almost 30 years !  Wow….it is hard to believe….but a “humbling” fact !

I try to always remember to say “Thank You” to each and every client….however, I am certain that I forget at times…so please accept this “THANK YOU” to each of you in the “Thanksgiving Spirit” !  I am pleased and humbled to call so many of you n0t only my clients…but my friends!  May we all continue to enjoy these friendships for many years to come!   All the best to you and yours this holiday season!


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