Business Gift Survey….Survey Says…..

Holiday Gifts for Clients and Employees are a huge business each year.  Everyone wants to get the most impact for the dollars they spend…and I have some great survey results that I will share below that will help you “target” that impact in future purchases!  The Survey Says……

According to the 2012 Holiday Gift Survey…over 50% of respondents list a products “Reputation for Quality” as their number one attribute for great gifts.  They simply do not want a cheap gift for the sake of receiving a gift.  So if you are thinking  of giving….go strong or stay home!

Another interesting number for Euby was that 63% of employers purchase employee gifts each year…and the amount that they spend per employee has stayed steady the last few years.  I would have expected a reduction due to the poor economic conditions of the last few years….and almost all wanted to keep the spend UNDER $ 50.00

The most popular gifts in the eyes of  the employers for their employees  were….. in percentage order …. 1)   Gift Cards  27%      2)  Apparel   25%      3)  Food  22%     4) Cash Bonus   17%   ( really…cash was  4th ??? )     5)  Padfolios / Pens / Drinkware all at 13%

The most popular gifts in the eyes of the Business owners to their clients were…in order….   1)  Food 28%             2)  Bags and totes  19%        3)  Apparel    18%         4)  GIft Cards   17%        5)   Padfolios, Pens and drinkware  13%

These were very surprising numbers to me….and I found them quite interesting!  I hope you did also.  Put the knowledge to good use…place it in your calendar for Oct 1 st next year…and make decisions accordingly for both groups!

That is it for this years blogs…see you in 2013 !          All the best!   Euby

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