Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Euby….and a few final notes for 2012

It is hard to believe that 2012 is almost at an end…it has certainly been a challenging year for our industry and our country.  We continue to stagger economically and far too many people are our of work….but the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook really brought the close of 2012 to and even more difficult end…. one that typed words cannot possibly describe. But…we all know…there is a tomorrow ( now that December 22 nd is here and we are still here also ! ) and we will rebound and hopefully emerge stronger and smarter for the experience it has given us.  There is always a lot to look forward to ….and 2013 offers an entire new year of opportunities….

In recap of some past blogs…I wanted to tell you that QR Codes ….despite their predicted demise…have enjoyed continued skyrocketing numbers in scans each quarter of 2012.  The latest reported numbers show continued growth with over 5 million scans per month on average…and I am sure November and December will be off the charts with all the holiday shopping.  The largest QR Campaign so far in 2012 resulted in over 2 million scans!  Wow..what a number !  Compare that with the largest of 2011 at 30,000 and you can see the incredible growth.

Even the USPS is getting on the Tech bandwagon…chedk out their new website…and the technology they are embracing now….there are a lot of new tech items, as well as many new types of direct mail options that are business and consumer friendly… they are really catching on after years of lagging behind…..they even accept PayPal for on-line shipping payment options!  What will they think of next????

If the USPS can turn the corner and start ramping up….there has to be hope for the US Economy….it will rebound…we just do not know when….but we will be there ready to run!  Until next year….Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!

All the best in 2013 !


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