Love and giving someone what they want…..or need…or both….

It has always amazed me how things come together almost magically from various sources once we adopt a theme for our annual kick off….and this year was no different.

Suncoast prides itself on our customer service and showing our customers and prospects the “love” of the Suncoast team…so this year we  are going

with LOVE as our annual theme…we even have added a “heart” into the SMI logo for this year!  Look for it around….we will be featuring it all year !

With that backdrop… we have regular email news letters from Ross Barker of Quantum software and this months featured his thoughts on “Love Conquers All”……and how “love makes the word go around” ….great old saying that you do not hear as much today !  Ross broke LOVE down as:      L = Leadership        O = opportunism       V = Vision       E = Effort      Makes a lot of sense when you think about it…. all are required to show love either in personal or professional endeavors…As Euby has always said…there is really not a huge difference in the process and implementation of LOVE between personal and professional …just in the perception of the two.  Ross finished by quoting the late great Roberto Clemente who died in an effort to get relief supplies to the Carribean…..”Anytime you have a oportunity to make a difference in the world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on this earth” !  Thanks Ross….great quote!

That was followed by Bruce Cameron of Frontline Marketing and his news letter “Sparks Fly”!  His writings were on “Giving someone what they want…is the best thing you can give them.” !  However, discovering what they really want can be difficult and even tricky. It may appear too easy …so easy in fact you might dismiss it.  But to really give people what they want you must find the Lowest Common Denominator….for most that is KINDNESS….and if you search for the LCD of Kindness it is awareness.  The state where we are conscience of events and able to perceive and to feel what they want.  You do not have to agree with them or even understand them…but you are inclusive of them, and their ideas, thoughts and beliefs.  It is inclusion in another’s reality.  Your ability to share that genuine kindness elicits a positive feeling in others.

Turning that “personal kindness” into “marketing kindness” can be tricky ( ok …you knew I would get around to this business application side ) but it can be done.  Studies show over and over that people buy because of a “feeling” that they develop for a product or service.  It is the positive emotional link that activates the buying response.   Do not lose sight of “love” and “kindness” in business….. it is your ally in building your business…not a sign of weakness.  Tenderness and Kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.  kindness creates Love !   Make it a “success” resolution in 2013 to show more kindness….and “feel the love” it generates!

Till next time…. wishing you “all the best” in 2013 and beyond….        Euby


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