QR Codes – One great one with Kate Upton ( Got you attention now? Check out the picture! and 15 epic failures !

15 Of The Worst QR Code Fails Of All Time

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kate upton gillette


Kate Upton’s Gillette ad is a rare example of what might make people scan.

Gillette made headlines recently for an ad starring Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton and the gimmick people love to hate: a QR code.

Click here to see the worst QR codes ever>

When people read Upton’s mind by scanning the QR code displayed in her thought bubble, they find that the model thinks it’s “very important” for men to shave “down there.”

While is actually a pretty smart way to get people to actually scan the dreaded QR code, the phenomenon is often so poorly executed that it has become a joke in the industry. There’s even a Tumblr titled “Pictures of People Scanning QR-codes” that boasts zero images.

Brad Frost and Craig Villamor, friends and a mobile web strategist and a principal architect at Salesforce.com, respectively, started a blog called “WTF QR Codes” that is entirely dedicated to the worst of the worst QR codes. From QR bikini bottoms to requiring people to cross the dangerous third rail of a subway track to scan the code.

“It turns out we weren’t the only ones that thought that a lot of these codes are ridiculous,” Frost told BI.

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