What time do TOP CEO’s get up ? From the Guardian…

Had to share this…since everyone has accused the Euby of being a little “crazy” for being in the office around 5:30 or 6:00 AM each morning for the past 30 plus years….kinda justifies all those early mornings!

In this article several top CEO’s in the US including the bosses of AOL and Ericsson …Tim Dowling discovered that an EARLY START TO THE DAY is a common thread in all of their successful lives!  The same patterns emerged

each time…Some of the routine is dictated by the job itself ( no one knows that more than Euby ) but most of it is the product of their outlook and approach.  These CEO’s live their lives in a very DIRECTED way.

First and Foremost…THEY GET UP EARLY !  6 AM is a good start…5 AM is BETTER!  and they NEVER hit the snooze button!  ( Actually on the rare occasion that I do not wake BEFORE the alarm…it “startles” me…I am

not used to it at all! )  They all say “life is too exciting ” to keep sleeping.   A milder form of the Euby statement…..”I will sleep enough when I am dead”

Business and Domestic life are hopelessly blurred.  Leisure activities are as rigidly planned as the office !  Weekends are for work and play!  Not one of them sleeps in even on the weekends…..

Not ONE takes time for Sudoku in the morning !  It is up…work out or run out!

They may be in charge of international companies…but they are also SLAVES to Email like everyone else !

Far from providing any of you a blue print for rising to the CEO position….these details may in fact have you reconsidering the whole idea of being a CEO.  There is NO FINISH LINE to the race…..only more road work ahead

for those that want to reach for the top….noticed I said “reach”…even as the CEO ..there are higher levels to achieve.  Never slow…never stop…you will NEVER reach the top!  You wouldn’t want to…you would fall over the

other side and have to start all over again !


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