Thinking outside the bottle………

Many of you may not be aware, but I have been a member of the Boca Raton Chamber

of Commerce for the last few years.  Over my many years in this business, I tried out

several different chambers, and honestly never felt that I received enough from those

associations to warrant my time invested.  After being pushed hard to join, I reluctantly

did, and it has proven to be the most effective networking and business development

group I have ever been associated with…..I even attend a twice monthly leads group

that will tell you that they are “the best darn leads group in the galaxy” !

If you are not a member…and are wanting to network and grow…I invite you to be my

guest for a leads group or a Chamber breakfast and see what all the Boca Chamber has

to offer.  Just let me know if you are interested and we will set it up.!

Now …with that Infomercial over…I will share a little knowledge that I obtained from

one of my leads group partners… Rick Schuster  ( Great Realtor if you need one…he

can make the impossible happen…..)  on how you can “train” a flea…..see the following:


Do you know you can train just about anything….you can even train a flea!   It’s true…..


Fleas can jump extremely high ….many times their own height…to approximately 13” ….

pretty impressive isn’t it?


If you take a flea, and put it in a 12” high bottle, and put the top on it, the flea will

continue for a day or so to jump up and crash into the lid over and over again…and

then …after a while…will start to jump only about 11.5” high to stop just short of

the impact with the lid.
You can then take the lid off…and the flea will NEVER jump any higher..and will stay

in the bottle.


As a sales representative or a business person,  how many of us have been conditioned to

“stay in our bottle” ?


My guess is that this situation exists in all of us….more so in some than others.


We really have to “Think outside the bottle” ….don’t allow the number of “no’s”

you receive to in any way limit HOW HIGH you strive for.


Don’t get me wrong…do not spend your life  beating your head against the top…but

drop back down….regroup, rethink, retool, reinvigorate and go back in harder, higher,

faster and smarter!  Leave that “bottle” behind…..
Think outside YOUR bottle.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend…..and please do not forget those that gave

so very much for all of us !  May God bless them, their families, you and America!  Till

next time….




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