Your Corporate Apparel Decoration….There are alternatives to the usual Embroidery or Silkscreen !

Good Monday morning after what I hope was a long 4 th of July Independence Day celebration weekend for you !  The Euby family had a wonderful Holiday …and enjoyed having most of the family together for great food, drink and fireworks !  Yes…there may have been a few of the “SC Imports” fired off in front of my house…..but back to business….

For years we have offered the same two choices when a client asks for decorated shirts, hats etc…. Embroidery or Silk Screen?  However… there are several other alternatives in today’s market place!  You can have just about anything decorated today…with the minimum of one ( 1 ) in many cases…without paying a fortune for it !  

If you want to have that “difficult logo” or “hard to match color” on a garment …then Full Color Digital is just what the doctor ordered.  FCD can and will produce a broader spectrum of colors, allowing your complex and high color jobs to be spot on !  It is very versatile and has great color ….and will allow you to decorate different items and maintain that consistency of color and logo complexity between products.  

If you desire that “embroidered” higher end look, but are frustrated with the disadvantages and limitations of traditional embroidery.. there are other options.  Of course we all have known of  the heat seal patch and its higher quality output,  however, it really does not “look” as classy as embroidery…and simply does not hold up as long as traditional embroidery….but there is an another answer !   Indirect Embroidery is just what you have been waiting and searching for !  IDE is created a completely different way… front to back…top to bottom … that a head seal patch. The embroidery is actually “Debossed” into the apparel so it resembles traditional embroidery and still has the “staying” power that traditional embroidery offers.  Additional benefits are that the embroidery is created independently of the garments and applied as needed…reducing waste and allowing the embroidery to be applied in areas not accessible to traditional embroidery.

Direct to Garment is the “digital” version of Silk Screen printing.  DTG is not plagued with the same issues as Silk Screening when dealing with heavy ink coverage or difficult logos…..and there is not that “heavier area” feel with DTG that you sometimes get with heavy ink areas on Silk Screen products.  You can print front and back and sleeves…you can print almost anywyhere…..and you can do short runs very economically. 

Lastly …Special Effects…They are becoming more and more prevalent.  There is no longer any “rules” in decoration…. anything that looks good…GOES !   So go with a little SE !   The “Shiner the Better” !  Even the “bedazzled” look is gaining a foothold in the “corporate marketplace”….yes…BLING is not just for children any more !  More and more “dip dye” (light to dark colors ) are being used…and once you are there…why not add a little glitter !  There are all types of special effects now available…. glitter..holograms..reflective materials and even rhinestone.  

One word of caution however…. as you dive into these other processes…treat them with the care they deserve…PROOF them…and REPROOF if needed…do not “assume” anything ….you KNOW what happens when you do that !  Go ahead…give it a try….see what YOU can come up with!  

Till next time….Good Selling !


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