Five words customers hate….and are UN-ACCEPTABLE at Suncoast!

Greetings on Black Friday…yes…Euby is “saving money” by working in lieu of shopping today !

I have been very remiss on my blogging of late….far too much travel to really sit down and prepare

something appropriate…but with the Holiday season upon us….I am off the road and into the Holiday

festivities with friends and family.

But being back at the desk….reminded me of an article that a friend sent me on LinkedIn….it was

about the Five Words Customers Hate the Most…..and it caught my attention.  They are the same

five words that I have told every SMI staff member and new hire since I have been a part of this

great organization, would NOT be tolerated and in fact are considered dismissable actions.

“That is NOT my responsibility” is never acceptable under any circumstances at Suncoast.  It

is simply not allowed.

At Suncoast I constantly remind staff that “we are all customer service representatives and we are

all Sales Representatives” at Suncoast.   Everyone in the organization represents the company, and

while they may not realize it….they are constantly “selling and presenting” the Suncoast name!

Everyone is responsible for everything ….thereby insuring that a client would never hear “that is

not my responsibility.  We all know that some departments are better suited to assist with certain

questions or inquires….and getting that person to  the best suited staff member….is service in itself…

as long as it is handled properly….and hopefully it always is!  The “MOMENT” any Suncoast Staff

member is involved with a customers issue…that issue is THEIRS to handle until such time another

staff member who is better trained or positioned to help is fully engaged.

That should be the policy in every business …. unfortunately it is not….however, the more successful

businesses embrace this policy and their success is indicative of that level of service.

As I have always said….”we are all sales people”….just some of us choose to embrace the title”!

Till next time….enjoy the Holidays….and have a safe and healthy Holiday season.



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