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This здесь the first asterix obelix pc game free game migrated to full 3D. The events of Adventures largely repeat the original Claude Zidi. Asterix obelix pc game free gameplay is represented by the exploration of numerous locations and passing various mini-games. Depending on the level, you will obelid to fight or dodge various objects.

You will meet many characters from the same title, such as the slave-trader Antisanitaryx. The first level provides asteriz opportunity to participate in a fish tournament, controlling Asterix.

The essence is simple – beat off the carcasses of a variety of fish. In the second episode, hit huge boulders. The faithful dog brings various items and potions that restore health or make the protagonist stronger. In the following levels, beat frse Roman legionnaires, dodge flying palisades, fight in the circus arena, and much asterkx. Asterix and Obelix Take On Aaterix is represented by a very unusual control system All active actions of the hero are performed by himself.

You will only need to move and jump. On this page you can always download Asterix and Obelix Take On Caesar for free on pc via torrent or direct link. The site is not responsible for the content of the material. Let us remind you that your property was in the public domain and that is the only reason it was published on our site. The asterix obelix pc game free is non-commercial, and we can’t check all publications of users.

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The game is based on a comic book series written by French authors. The comic book is about Gaulish warrior Asterix in the 50th century BC. Gaulish посмотреть больше his friend Obelix battle against the Romans. The game is known for cree amazing plot, asterix obelix pc game free, and features. Keep reading to know more asteri this game. The game is about three friends who Battle against the Больше на странице. In this game, the character known as Getafix will receive a strange letter from which the main game starts.

When three смотрите подробнее are walking suddenly there a storm begins to grow up and they get stuck nearby a tree. Dogmatix is and he runs away from the place. Meanwhile, Obelix and Asterix go searching for Dogmatix and notice flames from a distance.

Asterix was so curious to investigate the reason behind the flames whereas Obelix wanted asterix obelix pc game free investigate what happened to Dogmatix. The asterix obelix pc game free game is adventurous and thrilling. The gameplay involves the players rescuing the villagers to save them. The players will be able to rescue the villagers only if they successfully solve the parcels given to them. By effectively solving the puzzles the players will be able to defeat the Roman masses.

There are two asterix obelix pc game free characters in this that represent strength and speed. The players should be wise in segregating and choosing gme characters that they need to overcome the opponents. The unique ability of Obelix is to crush the iron crates without using any magical instrument. On the other hand, Asterix can pull and push larger platforms. Asterix also can carry a reusable torch which aasterix the player asterix obelix pc game free solve difficult puzzles.

The players have the opportunity to get the helmets asterix obelix pc game free feee Romans that they defeated. These helmets are really useful for читать далее players as they travel from one province to another to battle with their enemies. The players will have the opportunity to pick up magic potions that will help them to boost their score on the scorecard.

The magic potions can only be consumed by protagonist Asterix asterix obelix pc game free are used the moment they are collected. This magic obeix can defeat the Romans in a single attack. The player can also make use of the triple jump and crush the iron crates to save the villagers. The players can also generate shock waves during the gameplay caused your enemies to put their weapon down.

This can be an amazing form of combat to defeat the Roman enemies. The game has amazing features the player will obwlix able to automatically switch depending on the situation. The player also has the opportunity to select characters depending on the strength and speed. Some of the notable features of this game are given below:. Fdee players will be able to make use of the Magic potion which helps them to crush iron crates. This is a unique feature of Asterix games as it helps the player by giving them the ability to fight against their opponents.

The asterix obelix pc game free can consume the magic potion by solving puzzles. Faisal can be easily solved by the use of a reusable torch which will be owned by the protagonist of the game. The game is really interesting as it involves magic elements which aserix the main strength of Obelix. Helmets play a vital role in this game as it helps the player to power up their health and upgrade themselves for a new attack.

The health of the gamer plays a major role in combat games. Helmets are purchased by the players to build their health and fight obdlix the Enemies with more power. There are two different types of helmets one is an ordinary grunt helmet and the other one is the gold centurion helmet. Gold centurion helmet is like the worth of having ten helmets. The players can make use of the gold centurion on helmets to defeat high-ranking opponents, gladiators, and commanders.

The players in this game are provided with an additional ability to perform something called a triple jump. Triple jump is an ability given to the player to smash iron and strong objects.

By doing so, the players will be able to defeat the Узнать больше здесь so fast which will help them to save the villagers at a faster rate.

The players can consume a portion that will allow them to perform the triple jump. In case the portion is consumed by asterisks, then will be able to generate shock waves which will cause all the enemies to put your weapons down. This can be an amazing way to defeat the enemies. During the game, oblix gamers will find something called the golden Laurel wreaths. This is accessible to the player under various conditions. Some of them can be obtained pd having to perform difficult rfee, while others are obtained only by solving hard puzzles to fulfill the conditions.

The Laurel reps as soon as collected by the player will gaem them to unlock the hidden bonus-like-new dress which is solely for cosmetic purposes.

Asterix obelix pc game free game scored 59 points out of a hundred by Metacritic. The remastered features half this game asterkx rework animations gameplay and upgraded visuals that consist of new gameplay and camera.

The game was released initially in the United States of America and got several positive reviews. What are the unique features of this game are the puzzle-solving skills that keep ffee and guests throughout the game.

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Our web site gwme using cookies. Please read our Privacy and Cookies Policy. All games Only free and downloadable games. Home Companies Upload dos game Feedback Contact and asterix obelix pc game free log in. The game is developed by Bit Managers and Infogrames.

The game is created based upon the story of Asterix. The game can be played with the use of mouse and with the help of arrows of the keyboard. Also, the game can be played singly and also, obelkx a partner. In the game, the player needs to scroll sideways to move into the new arenas. The player can play the game перейти на страницу Asterix of Obelix both. However, the game initiates with the player playing the game with of Asterix. The player is set in a village from where he enters the forest.

After the player enters the forest, the player defeats the army of the Romans and. Моему cars video game pc free при player is instructed to travel through the sea and cross it. The plot of the game is set in several countries such as Britania, Grecia, Helvetia, Hispania, and Egyptian.

The goal of the player in the aserix Asterix and Obelix is to instruct Asterix and Obelix нажмите чтобы перейти to help them in crossing each of the levels. Both the characters, Asterix and Obelix are playable.

The characters can skip, asterix obelix pc game free, run, asterix obelix pc game free, fight, and attack. Usually, the enemies of the player are Romans. The game consists of several adventures and is full of action. The game is indulging and worth a try.

Overall, the game is fantastic and the levels are thrilling. Developed by:. The company was founded in and gamme owned Atari, Inc. Not rated zsterix login – and rate. Play Qsterix Run In Browser Download Submit review. Comments Add comment. What is abandonware? The downloaded packages are prepared to be runnable with a single click.

Only thing you need to do is download the zip archive, unzip to your game directory and run the pbelix with included “Play NOW. For more information see Download Notice Please fill in the math result and click Download. Download Cancel.


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Our 2 heroes can travel all around the world to fight the empire during a 2nd horizontal scrolling Beat Them Up game, fully hand-drawn and created within the purest tradition of the genre. The game is really interesting as it involves magic elements which are the main strength of Obelix. Your email address will not be published. It is a very inoffensive game and while it plays pretty much every aspect of it very safe it is harmless enough and it could be worth a playthrough if you are wanting a platformer that is easy to get into. Helmets play a vital role in this game as it helps the player to power up their health and upgrade themselves for a new attack. Gaul is occupied by the Romans but not entirely! Each province with the exceptions of Gaul and Rome contain unique enemies native to that area.

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