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Verified Purchase. The year is A new movie based on a bestselling book is going to be released soon, the second in a proposed trilogy of movies. There is an air of excitement around this game. Upon its release, it sells thousands of copies and gains the esteemed title of platinum hit. It also gathers quite a sum of money in revenue, as well as pretty good reviews from video game critics. Note: this is going to be a long review.

If you want to know a lot about this video game, than read on. Thank you in advance for reading this, by the way. This review covers of course the XBOX version of the video game, and not the other versions which include the ps2, the Gameboy advance, and the pc. Okay, let me now actually start talking about the gameplay. You play through this the lord of the rings video game based on the bestselling book as three distinct characters.

You begin on level one as Frodo Baggins, in the famous literary location known as the Shire. He is not your warrior type of character. Frodo is a thin, short hobbit being and really is more for exploring and puzzle solving. Although, he does wield a good number of weapons throughout the game, and can really cause damage when you need to control him to do so.

His weapons include a simple walking stick, an unlimited amount of throwing stones, fireworks, a good idea for the game that works out pretty well in the end dwarf shots, a dagger called a Westernesse dagger, the classic dagger called Sting, eleven shots, and apples. Yes, Frodo can throw apples in this game, not actually eat them.

That was a line that is said by Tina Fey’s character Liz Lemon, just in case you may have forgotten Anyway, moving on. On the Bree level, which is level three, gameplay switches to Aragorn the Ranger. Let me say this: this character is your definite beat the living daylights out of you type of character!

And I type this on my computer with a smile on my lips. Aragorn is an excellent warrior on the battlefield. His main weapon is a sword, but he can also switch between a bow and different types of arrows. These include wooden, steel, fire, and later on in the game he finds eleven arrows. Yes, contrary to the ps2 version, Aragorn can run out of arrows in this version.

Therefore, he must collect them during the playing of each level that he is playable within. Note: You also collect a lot of health restoring items as this character.

You play as Aragorn for two levels, Bree and Weathertop, levels three and four, until level six where you switch the respective gameplay character to Gandalf the Grey, the master wizard. This is my favorite the Lord of the Rings character by far. I simply find this enigmatic fantasy character that Gandalf truly is, quite fascinating, and how his wisdom and leadership shine brightly throughout the books and movies is well done In this video game depiction of the master Grey wizard, my opinion is not different about him.

Sadly, you can only play as Gandalf for one stinking level! The level, called Moria that you play as him in, is truly an amazing and outstanding piece of video game design, but I mean just one level?

Well, that’s how it goes I guess. Gandalf truly shines in this game with his mastery of magic. Aragorn is a master of the sword and the bow, and Frodo is a master of stealth and ranged weapons. Frodo’s dagger work is good as well, but I wouldn’t call him a master at it. The wizard’s power is simply amazing, and rightly so with a spell arsenal as long as his is.

His spells are as follow: fiery blast, a small blast of fire is shot from Gandalf’s hand staff strike a wave of magical energy and force is released from the end of Gandalf’s staff after he slams it into the ground chain lighting, a burst of lightning shoot out of the tip of Gandalf’s staff and hit several enemies in a chain reaction, hence the name.

An extremely helpful spell, in my opinion. His last spell, which can only be unlocked by finding and giving Gandalf a special book of runes, is the spell sleep. Another one of my favorite spells, Gandalf will shoot green globes of light out of the top of his wooden staff.

The globes explode in small poofs of green sleeping smoke and will put a group of enemies to sleep. Very handy for anytime that you may be surrounded by enemies. This spell, and staff strike are good for that situation. Now, for a list of levels. That’s it for levels. A bit of a short game, but the levels are a bit long, which gives this game a longer feel, at least to me.

Note: no, sadly, there is not a level menu that will let you select what level to play next, or what level to go back to later on and play through again. Here is my suggestion: Since this game allows you to save your game whenever you want to, simply save your game at the very beginning of each level, or just your own choice levels, and keep the saved games saved. This worked out really well for me, personally.

Now, onto graphics. Graphics: Okay, yes, this game was released for the first time in the year to multiple platforms.

By today’s standards, the graphics that are seen in this game are not the best. Back then, in , the graphics were actually really good. I remember loving the whole look of this game when I first got it. Excellent graphical performance. Bear in mind, I am grading the graphics from , not Gandalf says this cannot be so, as anyone powerful enough to wield the Ring would become as terrifying as Sauron.

They set out, and attempt to cross Caradhras , but a snowstorm causes an avalanche, closing the pass. They reluctantly decide the only way past the Misty Mountains is to go under them, via the dwarven mines of Moria. In Moria, they fight off orcs as they pass through the chambers. Near the exit, they are attacked by a Balrog. Gandalf stands against it, defeating it by destroying the bridge on which it is standing.

However, as it falls, it catches Gandalf with its whip, pulling him down after it. Frodo offers her the One Ring and although she is tempted, she turns it down, explaining that his resistance to its evil is because he has never tried to use it to control others.

Boromir tries to convince Frodo to take the Ring to Gondor to use it as a weapon against Sauron, but Frodo refuses. The party give chase, and on the hill of Amon Hen , Aragon and Legolas slay the creature and rescue Sam.

The game ends with Galadriel looking into her mirror, noting that although the Fellowship has succeeded in getting Frodo close to Mordor, she sees him and Sam alone in the future, with Gollum following closely behind them. Tolkien is very descriptive in his books, right down to the color of a leaf or the hair on a Hobbit’s foot.

That’s both a blessing and a curse – it’s great to have so much descriptive detail, but it also means we have to nail it or people will look at the game and say, “That’s wrong. Sierra were keen to emphasize the game would be based wholly on J. Tolkien ‘s novel The Fellowship of the Ring , and would have no connection to the upcoming Peter Jackson directed film adaptation of the novel.

This was because Vivendi Universal only owned the rights to video game adaptations of Tolkien’s literary works, and not the rights to the New Line Cinema film series , which rival publisher Electronic Arts held.

Originally, WXP planned for The Fellowship to be an RPG , but they soon came to feel this might alienate potential players, and as they wanted to attract as many people as possible to the title, including people who had never read the books, they decided to develop the game as a third-person action-adventure instead. At the time, Frodo was the only controllable character, with the other members of the fellowship featuring as NPCs , although the player was to have the choice as to which character s to fight alongside at each point in the game.

Our realtime lighting and character skinning systems are running on the GPU using vertex shaders. This allows for some really fast, beautiful lighting effects and smoothly blended character animations. Pixel shaders are being implemented to create special surface effects including some fantastic-looking water with real reflections and waves. The realtime shadows are coming along nicely, and we have some spectacular volumetric fog and particle system tools in place. All these technical features are working in harmony to create a stunningly beautiful representation of Middle-earth.

Vivendi revealed little about the games other than the fact that they were to be more RPG based than the Xbox Fellowship game, and would be played from an isometric three-quarter top-down view. In February , Vivendi Universal announced the Xbox version of the game would now feature three playable characters; Frodo, Aragorn and Gandalf, as well as multiple NPC allies and twenty-eight types of enemy. They also announced the release date had been pushed back to late With the release of the Fellowship of the Ring movie, it’s apparent that there is also a new generation of Tolkien fans who have emerged from that.

Our aim is to immerse both the longtime fan of the novels and new Tolkien fans into Middle-earth. While the movie and its spin-off games are unable to cover all of the main key points found in the narrative, our game will contain them. Creating a game based on the actual narrative vs.

In other words, our game will give the complete story, true to the narrative, whereas the others may not. At E3 in May , Vivendi Universal announced that the game would no longer be an Xbox exclusive, and would also be released for the PlayStation 2 and Windows. A non-playable E3 demo of the PlayStation 2 version featured combat from the Weathertop and Moria levels, showcasing the game’s combat and graphics.

However, Vivendi emphasized how faithful an adaptation of the novel it was by showing footage of Tom Bombadil and Old Man Willow , characters usually cut from adaptations. In June, Vivendi Universal continued to push the fidelity of the game on all platforms by revealing the voice actors would be reciting over lines of dialogue taken verbatim from the novel.

They also explained that as in the novel it is mentioned there are steps at the entrance to Moria, so in the game, there are exactly steps. In August, Vivendi Universal formed a new publishing division called Black Label Games; a label which Ken Cron Vivendi Universal Games CEO stated “will focus on delivering innovative, high-quality titles to satisfy the growing consumer appetite for increasingly sophisticated content.

Perry, who wrote “the game looks to fulfill the dreams of diehard Tolkien fans who demand that their Tolkien be accurate to the books.

The larger levels, various character changes, and attention to story detail will prompt buyers to weigh their decisions heavily before laying down their money on one or the other Tolkien games. The Game Boy Advance version holds an aggregate score of 51 out of on Metacritic , based on eighteen reviews; [35] the PC version 59 out of , based on sixteen reviews; [36] the PlayStation 2 version 59 out of , based on nineteen reviews; [37] and the Xbox version 59 out of , based on twenty-three reviews.

GameZone’s Michael Lafferty scored the Xbox version 8 out of 10, writing “the essence of the fantastic adventure is there, and while the game does chart an extremely linear path through the lands of Middle-earth, there are enough challenges along the route to enable players to joyfully experience the urgency and terror of the journey.

He was critical of the combat, the enemy AI, and how the plot was handled. He concluded “the book itself is very non-linear in format and can be very hard to translate into an effective game without leaving some of the detail out. But to reduce to the story to almost childish levels is not what I had in mind.

Didn’t we learn that from ‘s Lord of the Rings animated movie? He concluded “this has “licensed toss” written all over it. The goal was “to create the most authentic Lord of the Rings game experience possible.

IGN’s Douglass C. Perry scored the PlayStation 2 version 7. Tolkien series. Fellowship doesn’t have the benefit of so capable an editor. For one, the story is delivered with all the emotion of a grade school play. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing, if the gameplay weren’t absolutely abysmal. However, he did argue “the artists here have done a really excellent job of creating a world that’s similar enough to be familiar but distinct enough to stand on its own.

The Game Boy Advance version was generally considered the weakest version of the game. IGN’s Marc Nix scored it 6 out of 10, and was especially critical of the combat; “enemies get the jump on you with the first attack, and since there can be several enemies on screen, it can take a long time for your turn to come up.

Then you have to watch every swipe of battle, which all begin and end with the characters taking a LONG walk across the screen to attack and then retreat – just the time that it takes for sprites to rotate back into the ready position is enough time for you to lose interest. What’s more, the entire game is so unpolished and full of bugs that it’s unfathomable how it ever passed quality assurance in the first place. The game sold over one million units across all platforms and was a commercial success.

However, it was heavily outsold by EA’s The Two Towers game, which sold almost four million units and received considerably better reviews. It was the country’s 91st best-selling computer game during this period. Although the planned Hobbit game, Middle-earth Online and War of the Ring were all ultimately released, the two sequels in the Lords of the Rings trilogy were not. Treason was first announced on April 24, , with plans for a non-playable demo at E3 in May.

Vivendi planned to release the game under the Black Label Games banner on Xbox and PS2, which had seen the highest sales of the Fellowship game. At E3, a non-playable demo was shown. Following the mediocre critical reaction to Fellowship , Surreal had built a new game engine from scratch. Additionally, the rigidly linear gameplay from Fellowship was replaced with a mixture of both linear and non-linear levels.

Vivendi also announced that a secret playable character could be unlocked in the game, but only if the player performed very specific actions. They refused to say who the character was. The demo featured a level set in Fangorn Forest , with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli fighting a group of orcs.

In total, apart from the secret character, the game was to feature six playable characters; Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Boromir in a flashback level , Frodo and Gandalf.

Another new feature in the game was that the player-character often switched mid-level, adhering to the main point-of-view of the given moment in the novel. Multiplayer co-op was also available, and online multiplayer was said to be in the works. The character models were not the same as those used in The Fellowship , with considerably more detail for each character. The official reason given by Vivendi was that Treason “was not shaping up as strongly as anticipated and would likely not satisfy the expectations of Tolkien fans.



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It’s a role-playing rpg game, set in a fantasy, fellowship of the ring pc game title, action rpg and puzzle elements themes. Nocturne 0 point. Malabar 0 point. This is am incomplete port, with only a quarter of the content. Emulate the Xbox version instead, which contains all of the game’s intended game mechanics and content. Reppuli 0 point. That’ll do it. Tokwoo 0 point.

Ptasior 2 points. Hi I can’t get this to work, maybe someone can help please. Instalation was successful but after clicking the “Play” button I get “Wrong disc inserted”. My problem seems to be simmilar to Foodie’s, has it been fixed or is there a known workaround? Finally sussed it out. Well that should keep things upto date until windows 11 comes along and breaks everything again. The solution for fixing the black screen on startup by using 3D-Analyze no longer works at least not on Win 10 x Gets a “failure to inject DLL” error.

Well doesn’t that suck. Hey Foodie needs a nocd fix, but even after that there are display issues. Working on it! So I managed fellowship of the ring pc game get the game installed, but it won’t open. It tells me the wrong disk адрес страницы inserted, even when the play disc is mounted without the install disc also being mounted. I haven’t seen any fixes online. Help would be appreciated! Share your fellowship of the ring pc game memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like.

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