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Parasite Star. A surreal horror action-adventure game. This is an alpha build of a game in development, and contains 4 rooms. Don’t Bite Me Bro!

Explore, Build, Upgrade, and Defend from constant waves of Zombies. The Temple of No. The Best Game Ever Made but in twine form. Crows Crows Crows. Creature Keeper. Murder mystery courtroom drama set on an interplanetary spacecraft. National Insecurities. Legend of Xenia 3D. Tiny first-person Zelda-like with a resolution of 64x Bright Lancer. Hyper Light Drifter meets Hades in a fast-paced pixel art adventure.

Slo Nod. Play in browser. Gar’s Den. One Last Planet. A novice wizard explores a strange land. Legend of Xenia. A retro-inspired open-world Zelda-like with a resolution of just 64×64 pixels. Lycanthorn II – Rain of Beasts. A 3D Castlevania inspired first person adventure.

The Last Night. Tim Soret. Adventure Machine. The game its-self features 5 factions that span co-op, single player and PVP environments and includes three playable races along with 4 unique classes to choose from. Featuring huge and incredibly fun random instances, Defiance comes in at one of the most fun free to play experiences out there.

The imaginative and tense boss battles of Defiance make collecting the best gear a really satisfying experience. Fistful of Frags was born years ago as a Wild West themed modification for Source engine. Now available on steam as a separate release, the game has gone a major balance overhaul that has turned one of the best Half-Life 2 mods out there into a hilarious, wild west riot.

With tons of different ways to play from classic multi-team death-match to 1 v 1 western duels, Fistful of Frags never fails to offer laughs and brutal multiplayer combat that will have you hooked from the start. What really makes this game for me is the awesome feel of the arsenal. Nearly all the weapons in this game are based on their historical counter-part, while maintaining great balance amidst the chaos of dynamite explosions, lethal arrows and bullets. This game has some absolutely insane moments, like the time I ran out of bullets surrounded by other players and proceeded to magnificent 7 my way to victory by tossing my pistols at some poor unsuspecting player, thereby killing him and allowing me to steal his gun and proceed to sawn off the rest of his team.

There is nothing more satisfying than running out of bullets and going commando in this game. I highly recommend you check this one out as soon as you can! From the sawn off shotgun to good old fashion knives, finish off your opponents with a huge arsenal of satisfying weapons.

I consider this to be one of the best free to play games available, period. What this game offers is beautiful, explosive sci-fi action on a huge scale. The sheer variety of classes and vehicles at your disposal in these large-scale battles outshines many more expensive, AAA titles.

Warframe is primarily about fantastic hack, shoot slash style sci-fi action. Once you get to grips with the amazing combat system, you will be hooked as you leap from walls and ceilings, annihilating your foes with a diverse range of characters that each have their own style of play.

All missions excluding the main story are procedurally generated, which maintains a lot of variety throughout the game as you grind for better gear to tackle the challenging and awesome story missions of Warframe. The customization factor for Warframe is awesome, with a huge amount of variety and very little redundancy.

Enter the violent, bloody world of APB reloaded as you choose your faction in the fight for the city of San Paro. There are a staggering amount of customization options available, with custom guns, rounds, skins and gear around every corner. You can even choose from a host of awesome custom tech to give yourself an advantage, opening up a whole host of potential strategies for taking out your enemies. The game also features dozens of vehicles that can be customized in a living city that is being constantly updated with missions and events to keep you coming back for more.

For a police officer, you will kill a lot more criminals than you arrest in APB Reloaded. Your character in APB reloaded is highly customizable, which makes killing enforcers that much more fun. No More Room in Hell is a realistic co-op survival horror tribute to the original film Dawn of the Dead.

Highly acclaimed, this awesome zombie slaughter simulator is originally a modification of the source engine of half-life 2 fame. Set during the end of days, the world is collapsing into chaos as humanity falls to a disease of unknown origin that brings the dead back to life with an irresistible urge to kill.

You and a few friends must survive in this new hell. Featuring excellent game design that is built around realism, foraging and brutal close combat, No More Room in Hell is without a doubt one of the best titles in its genre and we highly recommend you give it a try.

Epic wave defense is the staple of any good zombie game, and is something No More Room in Hell does superbly. Take to the battlefield with your choice of three custom mechs: light, medium or heavy each with seven sub-classes that enable you to play with immense customization variety in this game.

The design and artistic staff behind this game deserve special mention, because even though it is free to play Hawken is beautiful and brutal in equal measure. You can almost feel your skull rattling with every heavy step that your walker takes and each bullet impact against your armor does feel like a genuine issue. First person mech combat feels brutally fun, the user interface seen above is so immersive that we would love to see it brought into virtual reality.

MechWarrior Online allows you to take to the battlefields of the 31st century as an elite BattleMech pilot, here you will join the fight for supremacy over the galaxy against your rival players. MechWarrior Online is very different to other mech games such as Titanfall and Hawken, combat is this game requires patience and an awareness of what makes a good loadout. There are weaknesses and strengths to all the many class choices in MechWarrior Online, meaning that there is a steep learning curve, but like most difficult to master games when you do get the hang of the combat it becomes immensely rewarding.

One of the best parts of MechWarrior Online however is the highly active community, despite how long the game has been out there are still many players both new and old playing the game every day. Between that and the continuous developer support we think this game is more than worth a bit of your time, so go ahead and try out this highly tactical and rewarding action packed FPS.

From stealth and heavy artillery to highly mobile assault mechs, there are an endless number of ways to kill your enemies in Mechwarrior Online. The customization of each mech is intricate, balanced and highly rewarding. Perfect for the free to play market. Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two. Adelantado Trilogy: Book One. Fall Of The New Age. Adelantado 4 Aztec Skulls. Northern Tale 3. Goodgame Empire.

Northern Tale. Namariel Legends: Iron Lord. Northern Tale 2. Incredible Dracula 3: Family Secret. Rune Stones Quest 3. Legends of Atlantis: Exodus. Magic Odyssey. Queen’s Quest 3: The End of Dawn. Viking Saga: Epic Adventure. Demon Hunter 2: A New Chapter. Nora’s AdventurEscape Collector’s Edition. Treasure Island. Legacy: Witch Island Origin.

Solitaire Dragon Light. Legacy: Witch Island 2. Mysteries of the Undead. Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past. Viking Saga: New World. Mystery Castle: The Mirror’s Secret. Inbetween Land. House of Doors 3: Serpent Flame. Dark Asylum: Mystery Adventure. Viking Saga.

Storm Tale. Rooms — The Unsolvable Puzzle. Storm Chasers: Tornado Islands. Jewel Match 4. Eleven Islands. All My Gods. The Silent Age. Twilight City: Love as a Cure. Shakes and Fidget. Hiddenverse: Witch’s Tales 3. Lost Treasures of Da Vinci.



The best free PC games: Summer | PC Gamer.The best free PC games: Summer | PC Gamer

Free-to-play games; Puzzle; Horror; Strategy; Story & Adventure; Action & Platformer; Chill & Relaxing; Weird & Funny; Classics. Here’s our rundown of the best action-adventure games available on PC, from Indiana Jones, to Prince of Persia, and everything else you can play now. An action-RPG in the mould of Diablo, Path of Exile is one of the most polished, well-executed games on this list. Adventure with a friend or.


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Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two. Adelantado Trilogy: Book One. Fall Of The New Age. Adelantado 4 Aztec Skulls. Northern Tale 3. Goodgame Empire. Northern Tale. Namariel Legends: Iron Lord. Northern Tale 2. Incredible Dracula 3: Family Secret. Rune Stones Quest 3. Legends of Atlantis: Exodus.

Magic Odyssey. Queen’s Quest 3: The End of Dawn. Viking Saga: Epic Adventure. Demon Hunter 2: A New Chapter. Nora’s AdventurEscape Collector’s Edition. Treasure Island. Legacy: Witch Island Origin. Solitaire Dragon Light. Legacy: Witch Island 2. Mysteries of the Undead. Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past. Viking Saga: New World.

Mystery Castle: The Mirror’s Secret. Inbetween Land. House of Doors 3: Serpent Flame. Dark Asylum: Mystery Adventure. Viking Saga. Storm Tale. Multiplayer features. Accessibility features. Cool 3D Platformers! Megabyte Media’s Collection.

Cool Platformers. TheLastYuriSamurai’s Collection. Sort by. Pixel Art. Action RPG. Female Protagonist. View all tags. New itch. Subscribe for game recommendations, clips, and more.

There is a monster inside of you, don’t let it out. Dank Tomb. Solve puzzles in dimly lit corridors and uncover the story of an ancient king gone mad. Jakub Wasilewski. Billie Bust Up! Kickstarter Demo. A Musical 3D Platformer with cute characters and catchy villain songs! Known as the spiritual sequel to the classic Ico, Shadow of the Colossus follows a young man named Wander on a quest to bring a girl named Mono back to life.

Wander must travel throughout the Forbidden Land to slay gigantic creatures to obtain the power to revive Mono. Many look to Shadow of the Colossus as being a monumental game in terms of innovative gameplay, the setting as a whole, and the high emotions accompanied by the story.

Since its original launch in , Shadow of the Colossus was remastered on the PlayStation 3 in and then received the full remake treatment in Immediately following the critical success of Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games began work on developing the next in the series.

Over eight years of development later, Red Dead Redemption 2 launched to outstanding praise. The game is among the highest-rated on Metacritic and many pegged it as their Game of the Year in Despite having the number two in the title, Red Dead Redemption 2 is actually a prequel to the events of its predecessor. It follows the story of Arthur Morgan, a long-time member of the Van der Linde gang. Throughout the game, you eventually encounter John Marston, the protagonist from Red Dead Redemption.

The game features an incredible open world with plenty of activities to satisfy your dreams of roaming the wild west. The Last of Us Part 2 expanded the amazing world of its predecessor, while also bringing the gameplay elements to modern standards. The enhanced combat mecha, polished graphics, and emotional story were enough for The Last of Us Part 2 to win Game of the Year honors in Arguably the greatest superhero ever created, Spider-Man has forever been a beacon for hope and an inspiration to do the right thing.

The story of Peter Parker obtaining great power, and with it, great responsibility, has lived with many fans for quite some time. Insomniac tackled the web-slinger with an amazing adventure that pitted Spider-Man against an assortment of villains, most notably Wilson Fisk, Mister Negative, and Otto Octavius. Insomniac’s first game ended with Peter taking young Miles Morales under his wing and teaching him the ropes on becoming Spider-Man.

While many fans expected Miles to get his own full-fledged sequel, Spider-Man: Miles Morales acted as a semi-sequel with Miles protecting the city with Peter on vacation.

It’s an extension of the world previously established in the first game, so you’ll be familiar with characters and locations. Both games are excellent for superhero aficionados and action-adventure fans alike. From Spyro the Dragon to Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac has been responsible for developing incredible games since the late ’90s.

Among those games are the Ratchet and Clank series, a buddy cop-type adventure through space with a cool-talking Lombax and his trusty robot companion. The latest adventure for the two, Rift Apart, is described as being one of the best early exclusive games for the PlayStation 5.

It’s known that Ratchet is the only Lombax in the universe, so Clank builds a device called the Dimensionator. This tool rips open a portal to access other dimensions, which will allow Ratchet to potentially find more of his kind. However, Dr.

Nefarious steals the device and a wild adventure ensues with Ratchet and Clank traveling through dimensions to protect all of the realities. Echo of Soul feels very streamlined, lacking redundant overcomplexity or any inane unwanted encountered as you travel from place to place and unlike many games in its class, there is next to no play to win features in this game which is something we really love.

This results in awesome, fast paced combat that is very strategic in its execution. Given how beautiful this game is and how good the free experience holds up to the paid one, we think this game is an absolute must play for free to play enthusiasts. On top of the smooth combat design, teamplay is fun and well-integrated in Echo of Soul. Tera is gorgeous and indicative of how far the free to play action genre has come over the past ten years.

Tera is set in a gorgeous original fantasy world that is the hall mark of an excellent MMO, the combat system is so much more than a traditional online RPG. Instead of rapidly button mashing as you try to min max, Tera forces you to think on your feet as you dodge incoming attacks and carefully aim spells for maximum effect.

Timing and tactical thinking are the core of this game and make it feel wonderfully fast paced. Every enemy you fight feels like a real opponent and when you defeat a boss you feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment each time as you demonstrate your combat prowess with more than just the best set of skills and gear you can find.

We think terra is awesome, managing to be inherently unique, fun and engaging. The fantasy world of TERA is beautifully designed, with dozens of wonderfully realized environments to play in. Blade and soul is a fantastic, highly underrated MMO action RPG that takes you across a breathtakingly beautiful world of fantasy and martial arts combat. Your tale is one of vengeance, a story that takes you across the world of Blade and Soul in your fight against the rising darkness.

We recommend travelling off the beaten path and taking the fight into PVP to see the most of what this game has to offer. The world of Blade and soul is stunning and original, boss battles in this game are truly titanic clashes that you will never forget. Prepare for combat! A spin off of the upcoming Ark: Survival Evolved, Survival of the Fittest allows you to take on up to 72 other players in an epic struggle for survival as tribes are formed and dinosaurs are the weapons of choice.

Ark is built as a competitive game from the get go, which is hilarious when you enter the pre-game area and huddle up into groups as you prepare to be dropped into a hostile world and work out a strategy for your tribe to take the day.

The ARK arena is unlike anything you will have experienced before, with a hunger games style treasure cache at the center of the map you must decide whether to rush to the killing grounds or wait and prepare a trap. But there will be no camping in ARK, a continually shrinking barrier of death closes around the map ever second that forces players into bloody confrontation as each tribe fights for victory.

Ark rewards top players as well, with a constantly refreshing top-ranking system that provides monthly prizes to top ranked players on SurviveTheArk. So, if you think you have what it takes, prepare to step into the arena filled with giant apes, killer dinosaurs and serious competitors as we see the start of what may just be the next big eSports phenomenon. Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 20 Apr pm.

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