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Grab your sniper rifle, your remote controlled drone, and your sturdy sniper’s tent to get ready for the the best sniper games on PC. Ghosts of War: Battle Royale WW2 Shooting games. Free Sniper Ops 3D Shooter – Top Sniper Shooting Game. Free.


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We frequently return to our lists to make sure they are as up-to-date as possible, so you can be confident that what we list below are nothing less than classic sniper games on PC. Kyle Fairburne is up to his old tricks again as he attempts to take down the Nazis in France.

The size of the maps has expanded once again in Sniper Elite 5, giving players more options than ever to plan their course of attack.

Sniper Elite 5 features the perfect sandbox to test your sniping abilities, and you can tackle the entire campaign alongside a co-op partner. If you want to add some spice to your campaign, you can allow rival players to join your game as they temporarily join the AI to bring you down.

Escape From Tarkov is many, many things. You go in to a match with barebones gear, and hope to kill and loot something more valuable before extracting. However, if you die, you lose everything, so ambushes and stealth tactics are dominant, making sniping in Escape From Tarkov a particularly viable strategy. Ghost Recon Breakpoint introduces the Sharpshooter class, along with a bunch of sniping perks to complement your loadout. The best weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint include a number of highly accurate and fun to use snipers such as the TAC50, HTI, and Scorpio — found from loot drops, crates, and blueprints across the fictional island of Auroa.

Breakpoint also introduces tiered loot which adds extra perks to your gun, such as improving accuracy or mobility. Being a sniper in Arma 3 is no mean feat. Arma 3 is so realistic, in fact, that some snipers pair up with a spotter who handles all the sums for them and points out new targets. Unlike many sniper games, Arma 3 makes sniping a cooperative experience. PUBG may no longer be the biggest game of the battle royale genre, but it still boasts a huge range of weapons, items, and vehicles for you to play with.

Their range and power makes them ideal for picking off players from a grassy knoll or rooftop, letting you instantly down a target from over a kilometre away if you can land a headshot. The Mercenaries WebGL. Sniper Reloaded WebGL. Cs Online WebGL. Hunting Season: Hunt or Be Hunted! Range of the Dead WebGL. Leader Strike WebGL. Sniper Strike WebGL. Sniper Attack WebGL. Warzone Mercenaries WebGL.

Fantasy Sniper WebGL. Butcher Aggression WebGL. Sniper Mission WebGL. Mountain Sniper WebGL. Pixel Shooting WebGL. Monster Shooter. Paintball Wars. Wild Dino Hunt.

Arena Shooter. Gangsters Squad. Maritime Sniper. Urban Sniper Multiplayer. Clear Vision 2. Party Pixel Apocalypse. Tactical Weapon Pack. Pixel Unknown Battle Royale. Winter Clash 3D.

Sift Heads World: Act 4. Critical Strike Zero. Lion Hunting 3D. Deadly Dinosaur Hunter Shooter. Pixel Warfare 4 Webgl. Wild Bear Hunting Game. UnitZ Battlegrounds.

Clear Vision 5. Blocky Swat Shooting Iceworld Multiplayer. Stick Squad 3. Deer Hunter. Perfect Snipe Online. Battle Royale. Blocky Wars Vehicle Shooting Multiplayer. Free Battleground Fire. Pixel Warfare 3: Youtubers. Wild Hunt: Jungle Sniper Shooting.

Sniper Mission 3D.


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