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All of the benefits of the Kindle reader on your Windows 8 platform. Download. Read EPUB-formatted e-books from a Barnes & Noble digital library on a PC desktop. NOOK for Windows 8 An application for Windows that allows for . Download Kindle for Windows 8. All of the benefits of the Kindle reader on your Windows 8 platform. Virus Free. Use the Kindle app to start reading from your PC or Mac. PC: Windows 8, , 10, or Note: If your operating system isn’t supported, use our Kindle Cloud Reader. Go to Download Kindle Apps. Select Download for PC & Mac. When the download completes, follow the on-screen installation instructions. Was this information helpful?


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Talk about kindle reader for pc windows 8 the trend Amazon is notifying customers today that on October 27 the company will eliminate their Windows 8-era Kindle app from the Windows Store.

The company cites wanting to kindle reader for pc windows 8 our approach” and focus efforts on their existing Kindle for PC app. That’s right. While many businesses are moving towards Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform for both security and higher visibility, Amazon would rather go back to a traditional Win32 Desktop app complete with an.

In order to provide our Windows customers with the best Kindle reading experience, we are simplifying our approach and focusing our efforts on the Kindle for PC app. If you app for windows 10 free currently using our other Windows app Kindle for Windows 8 on one or more of your PCs, we recommend that you upgrade to the Kindle for PC app to get the best reading experience and latest Kindle features. We are regularly updating the Kindle for PC app, including recent features like multi-color highlighting, improved search performance, and support for textbooks.

To simplify the experience for Windows customers, we will remove the Kindle for Windows 8 app from the Windows Store on October 27, If you already have the app installed on your PC and wish to keep using it, you can continue to download and read books as you do today. If you uninstall the Kindle for Windows 8 app, you won’t be able to reinstall it from the Windows Store. While we have heard of companies leaving the Kindle reader for pc windows 8 Store, few sought refuge in the old Win32 era app world.

Then again, детальнее на этой странице would seem that the majority of Kindle reading is done on dedicated Kindle readers these days and not so much on PCs though we could be wrong. It is especially weird since an Amazon Kindle UWP app with Inking support for Surface users highlighting, notetaking seems like a natural combination for students, teachers, and general bibliophiles.

As to whether Amazon will take their Win32 app and put it through Centennial to at least get some Windows Store visibility remains to be seen. One thing is for sure and that is Amazon is not down with Microsoft or putting their services on the Windows Store.

Interestingly, Amazon has not said anything call of duty black ops 1 pc game free their Windows Phone 8 Kindle app, which is still on the Store. It is not clear if that app will ever see another update or if it too will be removed. You can grab the Kindle for PC app on Amazon’s site opens in new tab. Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

Windows Central Windows Central. Daniel Rubino opens in new tab opens in new tab opens in kindle reader for pc windows 8 tab opens in new tab. More about software apps. Topics Amazon Kindle. See all comments I actually use this on my SP I prefer the store app to the desktop app. Oh well! Posted with the Nexus 6, Nexus 5, or Surface Pro 3. Also states that once you uninstall this app you cannot reinstall from Windows Store :. RohanRonQM, thanks for posting that.

There’s also an option at the bottom of the page “Was this information helpful? Maybe if Amazon receives a surprising amount of ” I don’t like this policy” responses, they’ll reconsider or be more likely to release a UWP app in the future.

Maybe if people actually used the app on Windows then they would create the universal version. Obviously they are not seeing enough useage to justify developing apps for Windows.

Maybe if they are interested in making money All the BS would stop. Just did this, thanks for the suggestion! I used only one option! I don’t kindle reader for pc windows 8 по этой ссылке policy.

Done what you suggested. If Amazon actually bring all their features to the windows app. MS is to blame as well for not bringing Surface mini. Thanks for the link. I also responded with “I don’t like this policy”. Yes, still using windows. Archaic is right. And what do you suggest we use, OSX? Have you read the apple support forums lately? Many, many problems. There were a small percentage of people who had the problems you mentioned, which unfortunately is still a large number of people because of the hundreds of millions of people who use Windows 10, but по ссылке of us were not affected kindle reader for pc windows 8 those problems.

In addition to the statistical data, now just speaking anecdotally for myself, I updated Windows across 8 computers. No BSODs. Here you have my like good man. My Windows 10 Laptop is degrading its performance update after update, now everytime I suspend my Laptop, when I want to use it again, it starts from zero, like rebooting.

BSD old and archaic? Oh boy, you’re in for a surprise. Windows gets the job done in the real world! Windows has more versatility than any other platform. You couldn’t even create apps or games for those other platforms without using Windows. Why are you here then? Android is only good on phones. Even the editors at Android Central are saying so. Chromebooks are not getting enough consumer penetration.

The Xbox beat PlayStation for the third month in a row. They have too many partners in gaming, Steam being the biggest. There are more Steam users on Windows 10 than any other platform. Seriously dude, get a hobby. Why your account still exists is beyond me. Why are you here?

I was about to say the same thing At the very least they could have just renamed it to “Kindle for Windows” and kindle reader for pc windows 8 about it. And if they ever plan to make a new version, then they already have an install user-base. With kindle reader for pc windows 8 they’re doing now, and going backwards, it would make it seem that they will probably complain how there weren’t many people using the app and that it was lacking features.

I’ve simply been buying from Kobo for the last year. Amazon thinks monopoly will stay for all the time. They are hurt in india and not looking good elsewhere. Amazon is headed for an ugly implosion. They are trying to do to much stuff that they don’t know kindle reader for pc windows 8 to do, prime shipping is now a joketoo fast that costs too much especially for a company that has not only never made a profit, but operates at an operating loss year after year. I love Amazon, but the hand writing is on the wall.

They will land on Mayfair and be bankrupt in no time. They make enough revenue that kindle reader for pc windows 8 could right the ship at the first sign of genuine trouble so I think sounding a death knell for Amazon is askin to doing the same for MS and Windows.

Sure, it makes basic logical sense but when you think about how pervasive they are in everyday life you realise the bigger picture Not defending Amazon here; as far as e-readers I will certainly go Kobo from now on the new one is waterproof toobut Amazon sells so much stuff at such low prices that I kindle reader for pc windows 8 really see too many people swearing them off. Yep, stopped buying from Amazon.

Amazon has some nice services, music, video, etc. I dont use any of them due to their lack of support for Windows devices. It’s the next Google, yet I like Amazon’s online shopping experience How much more inconvenience will you go through? How much more loyalty will you give to a company MS that has screwed over its loyal fanbase over and over. You already know you like Amazon’s service kindle reader for pc windows 8. Just switch They dont have anything that special.

MS didnt do this, Amazon did. Microsoft’s failure in the market created this. It has nothing to do kindle reader for pc windows 8 Amazon. They are just going where the customers are. It isn’t some conspiracy.

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How to Read Kindle Books on Windows 8.

Use the Kindle app to start reading from your PC or Mac. How to Install or Update the Kindle App on your Computer PC: Windows 8, , 10, or Kindle for PC is a free desktop application that allows you to read Kindle books without the e-Reader itself. If you already have a device of the same name.

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