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Best Free Small File Games to Download and Play ; Star Defender 3, Small File, Rating ; Farmcraft, Small File, Rating ; Lucky Pyramid Solitaire, Small File. However, these small size games for PC can kill your boredom. 6. Chess Free This is a classical racing game for Windows


Small size pc games free for windows 10


If you’re looking for shorter games on a tight budget, we also have a great list of the best free PC games opens in new tab , many of which are less than two hours long.

We’ve made a couple additions to this list for and organized them from least to most hours estimated to beat. Start at the top and work your way down! Estimated time to beat: 1.

Set entirely on a futuristic subway line called the Subsurface Circular, this short dialogue-heavy narrative game sees you, a robotic detective, trying to solve a series of strange disappearances. The robots you meet and interrogate all have vivid personalities, and there are a few clever puzzles including one that involves manipulating a robot’s emotions to get to the truth.

In doing so, the whole experience is not only funny but also remarkably thought-provoking. This is another game that needs to be played to be understood, which is what you should totally do. Estimated time to beat: 2 hours Link. It’s just as beautiful a game as it was in , and quick to beat too. This adventure game has you explore several beautiful levels while doing a bit of light puzzle solving to uncover the story of your people. It can get a bit spooky at times, but the climax of the story is well worth it.

Best yet, make sure to play online for a chance to be paired up with another player who you can only communicate with through little chirps from your character. No text chat or angry headset yelling here.

Estimated time to beat: 2 hours Link opens in new tab. Gorogoa is a beautiful hand-drawn puzzle game about a boy on a journey to meet a colossal monster throughout his life from a child to an old man. Puzzles play out on a four-by-four grid made from four images which the player can move, swap and stack to create new landscapes.

This deceivingly simple structure opens up space for elegant design and evocative puzzle mechanics that no other game has quite captured. A must-play for puzzle fans. A Short Hike keeps the promise in its name at around 2 hours to beat. It’s an adventure game where your character Claire the bird hikes from base camp to the top of Hawk Peak. Along the way, she meets lots of other animal characters who offer side activities. Some like to race, others teach her to fish, many she can complete small quests with by finding and trading items hidden around the park.

One of the best parts of A Short Hike is exploring the island by climbing to a nearby high point and gliding down and around the mountain looking for new secrets. Think Katamari Damacy but holes in the ground. That’s Donut County. Also your annoying space dad is an annoying raccoon friend instead. BK the Raccoon is deploying giant holes all over the county that swallow up anything that fits inside them, getting bigger the more they ingest.

It’s got some light puzzle elements as you work out what order to swallow everything on the screen to torment each of the locals. It’s got a cheeky little story too. Smartly written and gloriously self-aware, the puzzles are simple, but the dialogue and increasingly absurd mysteries keep you playing. A bizarre, dreamlike game where you solve puzzles by inputing verbs. With a superb score opens in new tab by Makeup and Vanity Set providing the soundtrack, you work your way through a series of challenges and trials on your way to witness ‘the object’, a sacred object few people get to see.

There’s nothing else like Trackless on PC. One of the most wonderfully strange games we’ve ever played.

And then it was transformed into a videogame. Estimated time to beat: 2. A fun and frivolous physics platformer that never takes itself too seriously. Accessible, short, and yet full of twists and turns, Her Story is a great little detective game.

You must search archives for live-action interview clips with a woman. Who is she? Why is she being interviewed? Where did she suddenly get that guitar? To say more would spoil things. Estimated time to beat: 3 hours Link opens in new tab. This puzzle platformer gives you two kids to control at the same time. Each thumbstick on the controller represents a sibling. Using this novel interface, you have to guide the children through a world of tricky terrain and grumpy fantasy monsters.

This four-episode adventure game is set in Vienna in the early s and tells an emotional, interconnected tale with common themes: namely inspiration, or the lack thereof, in various fields, from painting to mathematics.

Rich characters, great writing, and an evocative setting make this essential for anyone who loves story-led games. The first episode is free see link above , but it’s not until the second one that the game really comes into its own. A perfectly formed puzzle game by Valve. The simple idea of firing two portals to move from one area of a level to another, while avoiding obstacles and reaching an objective, is explored for four hours or so yet never gets boring.

A more comprehensive standalone sequel was released in the original was originally sold as part of the Orange Box, alongside Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode 2 , however the first Portal is above and beyond the best. Besides some superb writing, the ways in which Gunpoint gradually introduces new mechanics, obstacles and enemies to the original concept is wonderful.

Later levels are filled with head-scratching conundrums that are eclipsed only by their eureka moments. Estimated time to beat: 3. Limbo and its non-related follow-up Inside are both interesting and intuitive puzzle platformers from Danish indie studio Playdead.

Both are also great fun and while the former is probably the better of the two, both can be played through and enjoyed over the course of an evening. Estimated time to beat: 4 hours Link opens in new tab. Set in an atmospheric Wyoming wilderness, this first-person walkabout game explores the relationship between Henry, a fire lookout, and his colleague, Delilah. Proof that games can tug at the heartstrings even with simple RPG Maker graphics and animation. Estimated time to beat: 5 hours Link opens in new tab.

The rural drama recalls the ancient and ever-living BBC radio drama, The Archers, but more fantastical themes emerge as you move across the landscape. Estimated time to beat: 5. You command a band of cosplaying kids in this charming ode to old-school JRPGs.

You command the whole squad in turn-based scraps that let the kids transform into powerful alter-egos based on their Halloween getup. Estimated time to beat: 6. Not only do your choices affect outcomes down the line, keeping everyone alive unlocks extra dialogue from its cast of weird, whimsical and wonderful characters.

Wes has been covering games and hardware for more than 10 years, first at tech sites like The Wirecutter opens in new tab and Tested opens in new tab before joining the PC Gamer team in Wes plays a little bit of everything, but he’ll always jump at the chance to cover emulation and Japanese games.

When he’s not obsessively optimizing and re-optimizing a tangle of conveyor belts in Satisfactory it’s really becoming a problem , he’s probably playing a year-old Final Fantasy or some opaque ASCII roguelike. With a focus on writing and editing features, he seeks out personal stories and in-depth histories from the corners of PC gaming and its niche communities.

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