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Don’t Starve Together. Sonic Adventure 2.

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Local Multiplayer.


Back 4 Blood is built around team play — cooperation is the very heart of the game. With up to three friends, shoot your way through a lengthy campaign and survive against hordes of zombies.

No two runs here are the same, thanks to an AI director that throws in waves of enemies when you least expect it. On harder difficulties, it perfectly captures the tension and panic of that famous scene from Aliens.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is on Game Pass right now. Ah, more zombies. Dying Light offers more of that, with friends. Turn your brain off, stick your tongue out, and invite some pals — Borderlands 3 might not be the most sophisticated shooter on this list, but does that matter when it has five bazillion guns? There are pistols that shoot rockets, shotguns that explode when you reload them, and all sorts of other wacky weapons.

Borderlands 3 is the perfect game for when you want to catch up with pals and shoot some mutants at the same time. You best turn your brains back on for this one — Payday 2 is all about pulling off perfect heists. Sure, you can still succeed if you just gun down every cop in your path, but a slick robbery will make your crew stand out from the crowd. Grab three friends, four masks, and plenty of gadgets. Team composition becomes important, as does when you use your special attacks.

Using swords, maces, bows, magic, and more, you fight off waves of enemies while making your way through levels and completing objectives. Lock down choke points, keep your health topped up, and prevent your allies from being dragged away by terrifying rat-men. Dozens of monsters to hunt and kill, each with unique behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses.

A whole range of weapons, all of which have a specific use and interact with each other in a distinct way. From its complex, lengthy raids to its online PvP, you can squad up with your pals and go wherever your mood takes you. Warframe is basically a third-person take on Destiny , albeit with space ninja who can perform all manner of aerial acrobatics.

Start off by slicing everything up with a katana and eventually uncover the depth Warframe has to offer. Oh, and this one is free too. Rock and stone, brother. Rock and stone. Deep Rock Galactic is a game where you and your dwarf pals dive deep into the caves beneath alien planets to excavate rare materials.

Accompanied by a robotic bin, you chip away at ore veins and drill your way through tunnels, fighting off insectoid aliens as you go. Place down turrets, set up escape routes, and hold back the alien threat while hoarding as much wealth as you can for your corporate overlords. On the surface, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is decidedly old-school. It looks basic in terms of graphical presentation, and it sports that isometric camera angle from ye olde times.

Well, that sounds relaxing. Serving food under pressure is awful in real life, but imagine serving it up in rooms where the plates move around, your friends keep dropping the ingredients, and you have to cross a busy road to serve it up. Dre and a bunch of new co-op missions. It starts with a prison escape and ends with one of the most surprising moments a video game has ever attempted.

While it might lack the polish of games that focus on a single mechanic, A Way Out is packed full of variety and never once outstays its welcome. Even if you play it online, the action plays out in split-screen so you can always see what your co-op partner is doing. When you get a moment to relax, why not enjoy a game of Connect 4?

You need someone at the helm, steering the ship; someone on the sails, capturing the wind direction; someone on the cannons; and someone repairing damage and bailing out.

When a plan comes together, however, you feel like tactical geniuses. Every session in this open seas pirate game will leave you with at least one anecdote that will stay with you forever. Minecraft can be pretty much whatever you want it to be. Where most games simply tack on co-op to an existing campaign, Portal 2 has two campaigns — one for single-player and one for two players.

Playing as two emotive robots, you have to launch each other over impossible gaps and solve mind-bending problems with perfect timing and razor-sharp wit. One of you hanging back and firing off spells while the other gets in close with a katana? A lot of PC survival games are built around confrontation — players stealing from each other to survive. Build your very own Viking settlements, take on massive bosses, cook, craft, and set sail together in search of new lands.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land blends Super Mario Galaxy -tier level design with an approachable and adorable protagonist. Playing through the entire game by yourself is a great experience, but to make it just a bit better you should play with a friend. A local pal can control a Waddle-Dee character. Snipperclips is a simple puzzle game that tests your mind and your relationships. Each player controls a small, sentient piece of paper, and has the ability to cut shapes into their partner.

Each stage includes a puzzle for the players to use their wits to overcome, and everything is solvable with good teamwork and some smart snipping. Celebrating a clutch goal is made all the more fun when a cheer comes from your teammates as well yourself. The nature of Rocket League means that every player on the team can succeed, no matter their skill level. Those with more skill might be able to shoot with more precision, but when things get chaotic near the goal, anyone could swoop in and score.

A game that can only be played in co-op, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is always fun no matter how good you are at it. One player looks at the screen and has a bomb that needs defusing, but all of the modules are stupidly complicated. This leads to one of two scenarios, both of which are equally fun in different ways. The first is that you have a good back-and-forth. Co-op modes in Lego games have been hit and miss over the years, much like the games.

Some are designed to allow two players to do their own thing, while others see one person solving all the puzzles and the second player is just along for the ride. You now have a lot more freedom to roam the world and do things as you see fit, which makes it great for a lazy evening in front of the sofa. The latest entry in the Tekken series has been announced. Kind of. A 3D model of Kazuya has been shown off, at least. The U. S Fish and Wildlife Service on Friday shared a striking image showing silver carp leaping en masse during a scientific ….

Co-op games – the best 2-player games to play right now. Which 2-player games are worth enjoying with a friend? Back 4 Blood Co-op type: Online. Aliens: Fireteam Elite Co-op type: Online. Dying Light Co-op type: Online. Borderlands 3 Co-op type: Online. Payday 2 Co-op type: Online. Diablo 3 Co-op type: Online and local.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Co-op type: Online. Monster Hunter World Co-op type: Online. Destiny 2 Co-op type: Online. Warframe Co-op type: Online. Deep Rock Galactic Co-op type: Online.

Platforms: Xbox, PC. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Co-op type: Online and local. A Way Out Co-op type: Online and local. Stardew Valley Co-op type: Online and local.

Sea of Thieves Co-op type: Online. Minecraft Co-op type: Online and local. It Takes Two Co-op type: Online and local. Portal 2 Co-op type: Online and local.

Elden Ring Co-op type: Online. Valheim Co-op type: Online. Platforms: PC. Kirby and the Forgotten Land Co-op type: Local. Platforms: Nintendo Switch. Snipperclips Co-op type: Local. Rocket League Co-op type: Online and local. More FTW. The Latest. Internet Culture 27m ago Wordle today: Answer, clues for Monday, August 8 word of the day Some clues, tips, strategies to guess Wordle on August 8, along with the answer. BetFTW 14hr ago Miguel Cabrera made a hilarious prayer to the heavens after a foul ball just barely missed him In the name of the Father, the Son, and holy cow!

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