Talk About Making “Something” Out of “Nothing!”

“How to save rhinos? By turning their dung into paper.”

A small factory in India may have found a way to save rhinos! With a very innovative, outlandish method, Mahesh Bora uses rhino dung, in addition to bits of old hosiery and water, to make paper. That’s right, paper. Believe it or not, rhino dung adds fiber to the paper, and “Bora says the whole enterprise will help save the endangered Asian one-horned rhinoceros” (Chhavi Sachdev, PRI 2015). Poaching and sprawl is quickly depleting the small population of rhinos in Asia. Bora’s idea is that creating an economic dependence on the animals could save the rhino population and encourage people to save the animals rather abuse them. His business, ElRhino, started in his wife’s kitchen blender and now has about 50 employees. “The dung is easy to find; when a rhinos find a good place to poop, they tend to return there for at least 10 days.  And they drop a lot of it, maybe 900 pounds or so in one spot” (Chhavi Sachdev, PRI 2015). Bora has already made a difference in local attitudes toward the rhinos and is continuing to grow by involving entire villages in the making of the paper, lamp shades, calendars, notebooks and other decorative paper. ElRhino’s paper products are even being sold in Europe and each includes a message about rhino conservation. Check out the article here.

American Fine Wine’s wine carnival

Suncoast, as proud sponsors of American Fine Wine, had a great time at their wine festival! Randy enjoyed spinning the “Euby Wheel” at Suncoast’s carnival booth. The festival helped to raise money for a great cause, Deliver the Dream!

American Fine Wine Competition at FIU

Euby (Randy Eubanks) was at FIU for the Gold and Double Gold medal ceremony for the winning wines from the earlier judging ( images attached from the actual “tasting room where Euby actually participated with the others in the room in rating several flights of various wines for the event )   for the American Fine Wine Competition at the FIU Chaplin School of Hospitality.
AFWC President Shari Gherman was featured on a live feed from the host winery in Napa Valley California …along with the medal ceremony there…the group at FIU followed the ceremony and awarded the medals to the Florida Wineries that were present at the FIU location.
As always an elegant affair with delightful food and of course the greatest of American Fine Wines.

Grand Opening for Paradise Signature Realty Boca

Suncoast Celebrating Grand Opening for Paradise Signature Realty in Boca Raton

Euby(Randy Eubanks) was more than happy to support the Grand Re-opening of one of his and Suncoast’s wonderful Clients… Laurie Dubow and the Paradise Signature Realty office of Boca Raton.
Laurie and Paradise Signature provided all of the guests with a wonderful experience for the evening..complete with tours, outstanding food, and of course a fully stocked bar !
Their offices have been totally remodeled and are simply beautiful…stop in and say Hello to Laurie and her team of professional realtors…..  6699 N. Federal Highway, Suite 103,  Boca Raton Florida!

Thirty Leading North American Companies Remove “Go Paperless – Save Trees” Claims

Two Sides Campaign Gains Traction as Major Banks, Utilities and Telecoms Change Marketing Campaigns Used to Promote Electronic Services

CHICAGO (November 3, 2014) – Today, Two Sides North America, Inc. announced that over 30 leading North American companies have committed to remove “anti-paper” based claims being used to promote electronic billing and other e-services as more environmentally-friendly.

The Two Sides campaign is engaged with top Fortune 500 organizations in the banking, utilities and telecommunications sectors as well as digital service companies.  Alan Anglyn, Sprint’s Director of IT Care & Billing Services Business Management notes, “One of the benefits of our relationship with Two Sides has been the opportunity to reflect on how we communicate our efforts.  This caused us to review Sprint’s messaging about electronic media across multiple touch points.”Continue reading