Continued Success of the Pressure Seal Mailing Process

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Often I am asked “why” and “how” I manage to sell so many pressure seal systems and forms each year …year after year…..and my answer is typically the same…. it is a slam dunk ( it is basketball playoff time ) if a client is looking for actual process SAVINGS in both total procurement and processing time costs AND would like to earn a few “Green environment” points at the same time. It is truly one of the few “Green Initiatives” that a company can undertake without additional expense.

Even the USPS loves pressure seal…in fact it performed so well in their systems that they gave Pressure Seal mailers their own “stand alone” category. Simply stated….IT WORKS….IT SAVES DOLLARS and IT IS GREEN! That is a “three-peat” ( more basketball ) that is impossible to beat!

Some clients over the years have been “hesitant” to making the change….however, in over 25 years ( OK it is over 35 years …but that just sounds too long ) of selling pressure seal systems and products..I have NEVER had a client start to convert and not go thru with the conversion, nor have I ever seen one go to pressure seal and then revert back to the old “fold, stuff and mail” process.

The transition, while most think it is difficult, tends to be very fast and easy, as long as the documents are high quality and the appropriate pressure seal machine is purchased. Suncoast reps are all trained to provide both, and I will personally be involved in all Pressure Seal projects at Suncoast….just to insure that “seamless” process.

The documents are very versatile, and can be designed from a simple message document to checks and even direct mail with a return post card or even envelope. In the very near future we will announce a new machine that will allow “multiple pages” in a pressure seal document! More to come on that later…..

Pressure seal docs, when designed and produced properly, and printed and sealed on the appropriate systems, have exceptionally low jam and error rates, keeping the process running efficiently. Proper maintenance is required, primarily for simple wear and tear and / or toner build up, however, it is readily available and affordable. We offer entry-level machines under $ 2,900.00 !

Visit the Suncoast website and watch a Pressure Seal demo….it might be the answer for your growing business…. Economical, Green, Fast, Secure and versatile….

Till next time….

What? They are NOT returning your calls???

Just read a great article about Cold Calling ( one of my favorite pass-times….either by phone or my very favorite in person ) and the lack of response by Kelley Robertson….and I wanted to share a brief recap of it….as it is very good food for thought….

If they are NOT calling you back or taking your call…look to these six possible reason and analyze your approach….and of course take ACTION and PRACTICE to improve it!

1) Your voice mail is TOO long for ANYONE to really listen to….Real decision makers are BUSY…make it 15 seconds or less plus your call back info….total 30 seconds….REPEAT your call back info slowly….

2) Your message is too cryptic! ( or the reverse… to short and terse ) Add DETAILS…but remind yourself of # 1 above!

3) You leave the same voice mail message each time? Really? You are selling your “creative services” and you can’t come up with a different email? Have multiples and leave variations…..

4) You sound like everyone else? Be CREATIVE…they get dozens of messages a day…make your stand out before they hit DELETE!

5) You just “called” …you didn’t research….you don’t have a clue….about them or their company…but they DO about YOU…they know YOU DONT! DELETE!

6) Your product or service, as you presented it….does not interest them! Either you didn’t dp # 5 and you are calling the wrong company / person….or ….you are “couching” your sell in the wrong way….either way you are WASTING YOUR AND THEIR TIME!

What do these “sales blunders” cost you? your company?? the prospect??? ….BIG BUCKS…..

Till next time…get out there and SELL SOMETHING!


The South Rises AGAIN !

I hope everyone had a wonderful Pass Over and Easter week with their family and friends…..we sure did at the Euby household including

some time with out-of-state friends and Easter Sunday with the Grandparents.  Always great to enjoy a little downtime at the Holidays!

But…now it is “Back to Work”….and after a long absence from the Blog….I wanted to share a little more good news….



Promotional Products have continued to soar in sales over the past four years and The South Sales Region has again lead the Nation in

Promotional Products Sales for the fourth year in a row….


The Southern Region sales hit $ 8.3 BILLION last year… fueled greatly ( pun intended ) by the Energy Boom in Texas ( maybe those folks

along the Keystone will take note….they were in last place ) and ….wait for it the Hospitality Sector in Florida !  If you are not “in the Promotional

Products game….you are missing out !!!    I will concede Texas lead the way with $ 2.3 Billion HOWEVER>…with Florida in second with $ 1.1 Billion

( 2 of only four states in the US that hit the Billion dollar mark ! ) it is a market you cannot AFFORD to miss!

Call you Suncoast sales representative today and ask for the 2014 Suncoast Marketing Promotional Catalog…it is a great desktop resource for you….and

of course you can visit our website at anytime…..we encourage you to do so.

Have a successful week….



Suncoast Marketing Inc. selected as a Finalist in Nova Southeastern‘s 15th Annual Student Life Achie

Suncoast Marketing Inc. selected as a Finalist in Nova Southeastern‘s 15th Annual Student Life Achievement Awards! 

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Feb 26, 2014-Suncoast Marketing Inc. has been nominated as a finalist for the 15th Annual Nova Southeastern Student Life Achievement Awards.

The Student Life Achievement Awards, affectionately known as the “STUEYS,” is an annual celebration of NSU’s best in Academic Excellence, Student Centered, Integrity, Innovation, Opportunity, Scholarship/Research, Diversity, and Community.Continue reading

Google Hummingbird and the Keyword…..what you need to know …..

You have probably heard it already…but Google announced at it’s 15th anniversary ( what an amazing 15 years for them ) that it had a new algorithm impacting more than 90 percent of all searches worldwide ( another amazing statistic when you think about it ! )   Google calls is “Hummingbird” …and they have labeled it to be perhaps the “largest change to the algorithm since 2001 !

Many of our “Marketing brothers and sisters” became very nervous with the announcement……….but the new Hummingbird had been up and running for more than a MONTH when it was announced…..and NO ONE even noticed!  ( sounds good and bad in some ways doesn’t it ? )

Hummingbird allows the Google search engine to do its job even BETTER…thru an improvement in “semantic search” …… as conversational search becomes the norm….Hummingbird will actually add understanding to the intent and contextual meaning of terms used…….so many pages not previously found …will suddenly be found.

Google’s algorithm will continue to be a complex mix that weighs the relevance of a page … if you have been progressing all along with SEO….you are fine. SEO will require a better understanding of your audience….beyond keywords.  It will still be about measuring the content…not just the keyword.  Now we can measure the value that the pages are generating for you and what types of content are generating you the greatest ROI…isn’t that really what it is all about?  After all …even if you have great “content” but it is not driving traffic to your site or creating “engagement”….it is really not doing a good job for you.

With a clear understanding of the performance of each page you can better direct your focus and resources going forward.  Contact your SMI SEO Sales professional and schedule a time to discuss this further….and make your SEO much more profitable.

We will certainly revisit this further in the near future…but for now…I will say only that I wish each and every one of you only the “Happiest of Holidays” the “Merriest of Christmases” and a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year….wishing you all the very best in 2014 and beyond.