Five words customers hate….and are UN-ACCEPTABLE at Suncoast!

Greetings on Black Friday…yes…Euby is “saving money” by working in lieu of shopping today !

I have been very remiss on my blogging of late….far too much travel to really sit down and prepare

something appropriate…but with the Holiday season upon us….I am off the road and into the Holiday

festivities with friends and family.

But being back at the desk….reminded me of an article that a friend sent me on LinkedIn….it was

about the Five Words Customers Hate the Most…..and it caught my attention.  They are the same

five words that I have told every SMI staff member and new hire since I have been a part of this

great organization, would NOT be tolerated and in fact are considered dismissable actions.

“That is NOT my responsibility” is never acceptable under any circumstances at Suncoast.  It

is simply not allowed.

At Suncoast I constantly remind staff that “we are all customer service representatives and we are

all Sales Representatives” at Suncoast.   Everyone in the organization represents the company, and

while they may not realize it….they are constantly “selling and presenting” the Suncoast name!

Everyone is responsible for everything ….thereby insuring that a client would never hear “that is

not my responsibility.  We all know that some departments are better suited to assist with certain

questions or inquires….and getting that person to  the best suited staff member….is service in itself…

as long as it is handled properly….and hopefully it always is!  The “MOMENT” any Suncoast Staff

member is involved with a customers issue…that issue is THEIRS to handle until such time another

staff member who is better trained or positioned to help is fully engaged.

That should be the policy in every business …. unfortunately it is not….however, the more successful

businesses embrace this policy and their success is indicative of that level of service.

As I have always said….”we are all sales people”….just some of us choose to embrace the title”!

Till next time….enjoy the Holidays….and have a safe and healthy Holiday season.




Happy Black Friday morning to everyone!

I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and / or Chanukah with your family and friends yesterday.  Regardless of the

reason for your celebration….I hope everyone took a moment to realize how “Thankful” we should all be!

The mere fact that we were able to celebrate with the Freedom to celebrate where we wanted, how we wanted, with whom

we wanted and the event of our choosing…is reason enough to stop for a moment and be thankful for all the many blessings

we all have bestowed upon us….and most often without any regard for how uniquely blessed we are in this country.

I know personally that my family and I have so much to be thankful for…yet in most cases we only really stop and think

about it this one day per year….we enjoy a tradition of going around the table and having each person state one thing

that they are most thankful for this Thanksgiving.  It is always a special time just listening to the various …..many times

little things…..that are stated each year.  Feel free to start this tradition if you like….I know you will enjoy it.

And for the record….I am also very thankful to have such great clients, co-workers, friends and family ….it is truly a pleasure

to be in such great company day in and day out.  Again…the only word that is adequate is blessed!

Again….Happy Thanksgiving and Chanukah to everyone!  May God continue to bless each and every one of us as well

as our great country.


Intellectual Property….how is it defined….

Greetings from Cocoa Beach!  Sorry I have not blogged recently…..between my work schedule, SMI OctoberFest Tradeshow and travel….there simply has been no time for anything else …including sleep!  But I am back and after this weekend …rested and ready!

From time to time we have clients ask us about “CopyRights”,  “Trademarks” and “Patents” and most of the time…they are uncertain as to what each are and how they work.  In an effort to share a little information on each…please see the following:

“Intellectual Property” is the body of law that protects your work in human intelligence, Inventions, creative work, and logos and brand names of the products and services we sell.  These big “three” are called “Patents” ,  “Trademarks” and “Copyrights” !

A “Trademark” ( or Mark ) refers to any word, name, symbol or device ( or combination of these ) that is used in commerce to designate or identify the goods of a specific manufacturer.  This prevents other competitors from creating brand confusion by using your logo, symbol, colors etc.  Federal trademarks must be renewed every 10 years to maintain the protection.

A “Copyright” protects original works of “authorship”.  Most writings and artistic creations are subject to copyright protections including books, photos, music and computer programs.  Copyright arises as soon as a work is fixed in a tangible medium….written, painted, filmed or recorded.  Life of the protection is the “life of the author plus 70 years”.

A “Patent” covers three types of situations.  Utility Patents,  Design Patents and Plant Patents.  A utility patent is granted to one who invents or discovers a new and useful process, machine, article of manufacture or improvement of such.  A U.S. patent excludes anyone else from making, using, selling or importing the invention.  Patent protection for a “Utility” patent lasts 20 years and a “Design” patent for 14 years. NOTE:  There are exceptions to these time frames but you must consult a “Patent Attorney” to determine if you qualify.

There are years of legal rulings that impact these “general” statements above…and if you are contemplating any of these actions, consult ( as much as I hate to say it ) a professional Intellectual Property attorney first.

That is it for today………Until next time….


Direct Mail STILL yields lowest “cost per lead” and highest conversion rates

Yes…it is true!  Direct Mail is still the best in conversion rates and lowest “cost per lead” of all major marketing efforts. The primary reason is that Sixty-Five ( 65% ) percent of all consumer age groups have purchased as a result of direct mail !  ( DMA Factbook 2013 )  Further, the DMA Factbook 2013 also shows that the cost per lead of direct mail is on par with print and pay-per-click and is substantially less than telemarketing….. and the The Print on Demand Institute reports that direct mail beats all other channels tested for conversion rates…both in lead generation as well as “buy now” offers. Post cards offer the most economical medium of direct mail, and the USPS states that they are the mail format most

likely to be read or scanned.  Of course, personalized mail ( using PURLS and other personalization formats ) greatly increases the success percentages.!  And the newest print technologies of “3-D” and “Dimensional” imaging trump the standard formats by over 250 % while only increasing the “cost per lead” by 50% !  Now that is ROI !

If you are not familiar with “3-D” or “Dimensional” printing….keep an eye out for your invitation to the October 1 st SMI Trade Show !  You will immediately see and FEEL the impact that this technology provides.    If you have not received yours…please send me a quick email note to insure we have one sent out to you immediately.  I look forward to seeing you all there…..

Till next time….       Euby

How being honest and authentic about your brand can define your business

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