S E O …the latest hot topic with clients and prospective clients alike …..

There is no product or service that is being brought up for discussion in my calls more today that S.E.O.   Search Engine Optimization seems to be on every ones mind these days.

What is SEO?  It is a creative marketing program that helps your website gain more exposure, calls, leads and ultimately sales!

Why is SEO so important?  It is imperative for any business or website wanting to increase traffic or revenue.  There are two main

reasons…. First…the higher your website appears in the search engine rankings ….the more traffic it is likely to receive.

Second…..The higher the numbers of targeted traffic that are attracted to your website, then the more sales and advertising

revenue you are likely to achieve.   Third… when paired with your “tracking system” SEO has the ability to obtain more leads

and most of the time at a far less cost than that of “Cost per Lead” or “Cost per Sale”

Having your website OPTIMIZED properly …..will help more web users find it….and find it quickly!    Call your SMI rep or

ole Euby for more information and details.   SEO….you just gotta have it !

And now up to # 34 Nationally

The Print Solutions Magazine Distributor rankings have just been published and your friends at Suncoast Marketing have  achieved a first ever US top 40 ranking !  Suncoast comes in at # 34 nationally and still # 1 in the Great State of Florida !

Thank You to all of our loyal clients…without you ….we would obviously not be where we are today!

Three Lessons to Punch up your next marketing campaign

If you subscribe to Media Magazine you may have seen their “three lessons” ….but if not….I will share them with you as they are extremely on point in todays economic environment…..

Lesson One …  multiple choices are REQUIRED to boost intent to buy.  My “previous rule” was 7 touches…..and I increased that to “11” touches last year….more difficult

times requires more effort on all fronts….        According to Chilton Research… buyers exhibited the following behavior when it came to major purchases…. 15% bought within

3 months…. 24% in 4 to 6 months ….and 34% in 7 to 12 months.  We could look at this as frustratingly SLOW…OR..we could use it to our advantage and keep touching the

prospect over the entire time line…thus placing OUR SELVES AND OUR PRODUCTS at the forefront of their decisions.

Lesson Two…..  Use DEEP content as a way to reach, educate and hold customers.  Researchers found that 66% of people surveyed read custom publications and that 80% agree that custom publications contain useful information.

Lesson Three…..  Identify and Tap customer “Frustrations”……  We think of “Targeting” as being associated with Short Run Digital imaging…. and 1 to 1 personalization…but you can also target by selecting a specific demographic and marketing to their specific needs, frustrations and perceptions.    Recently Starcom TD Canada used this approach with their Visa Infinite Card…..”Breaking down the Barriers” campaign which tapped into their consumers frustrations at not always being able to use their travel rewards when they wanted to….. They used an image of a man and woman looking out at a beautiful landscape but seemingly separated from getting there by a thick glass wall….They were standing with their hands pressed against it….. The image was powerful …. in the WEEK following the campaign sales spiked 29% …and were 13% above targets !

What do we take from all of this?  Follow the three lessons… USE THEM ALL…. then watch your marketing results exceed expectations!   Euby

Lazy Summer Sales calls….

I admit it…Euby is guilty at times…. I try to avoid it…but it does happen !  It is the heat of the long Florida summer…I am seeing a client in Miami and will drive past another

client one my way there and back….having not seen the “other client” in some time…I will stop by to simply “check in with them”!

No one really appreciates these types of sales calls…and they are of little “business value” ….they may possibly have some “social” value…but that can be greatly overshadowed

by the “interuption expense” you place on the receiving party.

As “Professional Sales Representatives”  we must be prepared to present a “value propositon” of some type on EVERY call.  We must bring something of value to the

receipent !  Remember, if they are taking time to see you…they are investing time and mind share to see you.  Make sure you have at least the “potential” of a R.O.I. for

them….and not just a simple “hello” !   If you cannot ask yourself the question “What is the reason I am calling on him / her” and answer with a firm “value proposition

presentation”  then simply do not go !  Show the respect for their time that you would want of yours.    Euby

Thanks to Jeff of Pro-Bind for the email that prompted my comments on the “Lazy Summer Sales Calls”