Thermal Transfer Ribbon industry continued price increases

It appears that the month of March will be the Euby blog’s continuing material cost increase announcement month  !  TTR ( Thermal Tranfer Ribbons ) material ( PET Film ) which is the most significant material in making the ribbons continues to be in very tight supply.  World events are not helping…..and the manufacturers continue to move their capacity away from TTR to more profitable lines.  These coupled together are driving the pricing higher and higher…add to that the resins, waxes and solvents ( there is a common thread  in those products ) that make up the balance of the raw materials are all seeing increases,  reulting in even more upward pressure.  Stock up on TTR ribbons now if you use them…it will get worse for a while before it gets better. Have a great weekend !  EUBY

further updates on memory costs due to the situation in Japan

It is officially going from bad to worse in the “flash memory” market… with pricing for flash memory jumping as much as 50% during the last 48 hours.  I just experienced a full    $ 2.20 increase on one order overnight !  Prices are subject to change between the time you obtain pricing and the time you send in your orders….the market is very fluid and  extremely volatile …..  with no end in sight.    While it may take days or possibly even weeks to really assess the full extent of the supply and demand situation, it is very clear that the situation will NOT return to anything near normal for some time to come.  I will keep updating as further information is available.  EUBY

Flash memory shortage due to tragedies in Japan lead to market pressure on USB’s

I thought EUBY should share the notice we received today from one of the largest USB suppliers in the industry. The tragic events in Japan will substantially limit the global production of flash memory for some time.   If you do need additional USB drives, keep in mind that the worldwide supply will suffer shortages for the near future.  I would suggest ordering as soon as possible if needed!   ( see below )


 Hi Randy,

I want to keep you apprised of the current market situation for USB drives.  The devastating earthquake that struck Japan last week has caused a severe price increase in flash memory (the key component in USB drives).  Fears of a supply shortage in the near future are driving up spot prices all across the world.  Our factories in China report prices have increased 30-50% overnight, and in most cases chip supply is not even available.  

 There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the situation and much is in flux.  Our management team is meeting this morning to finalize the best strategy to help our distributors.  I’ll be in touch again today with more information as it develops.

 Rest assured we are doing everything possible to reduce the effect to you and your customers.

 Thanks and best regards,


Kindly review and advise at your earliest convenience if you require any assistance with any USB orders.  I will do everything possible to have them shipped while suppliers are still plentiful.


a great new site to research new prospective clients

I want to tell you about a website that a friend introduced me to a few years ago.  It can help you develop new business, and the best part it’s free.  The site is called Manta and you can use it in several ways, once you join.  They claim to have 61 million companies across the world.  Personally most companies that I’m looking for are listed.   Manta allows you to do two important things:

1) Find company information.  The site gives you basic information on most companies including size, contact information, what line of business they are in, and the year they started.  This information is provided by Dun and Bradstreet.  There are also a number of premium reports that D&B makes available should you need them.   The website also allows you to use google maps to see where the company is and a Q&A section.

2) Search for companies in a particular industry by town or search for all industries in an area.  In my opinion this is where Manta is really useful.  You can search by a category and city or state and Manta will give you all the listings.  The results are listed by relevance, but you can click the drop down list and sort by sales, number of employees or alphabetical.

So how could you use this information?  Let’s say you have a couple of customers in your home town or favorite vacation area.  You want to visit the folks or take a working vacation. While you are “vacationing” you would not mind picking up a couple new clients.  With Manta you simply type in the City and State into the search engine and you get a few thousand companies.  You can then sort them by revenue or select one of the 50 categories that are listed.  It works the same if you are going to visit one of you customers but want to know who else is in the area.  It is far more practical to make multiple calls in an area than to simply see one client and drive away to the next town!

So give it a try.  I believe you’ll find it a very useful prospecting tool.

                                                                                            Get out there and sell something !   Euby

The price increase notifications continue to arrive on an almost daily basis

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the price increase notifications continue arriving on an almost daily basis….we received increases from 5% to 7% on many materials including paper, labels, cotton etc. during the first two months of this year.  There are already rumors of more to follow.  With these pressures already in the market place and the price of petroleum skyrocketing up ….there is simply no end in sight.   Brace yourselves….there will be many more notices of this nature to follow !