Domestic Paper and Labels

I ( Euby ) attended a Zoom meeting on the Supply Chain issues yesterday evening that I found very interesting and informative, and I wanted to share a few points from the event!

For now….Suncoast has leveraged it’s relationships with the various mills and plants, and we have an adequate supply of paper and labels stocks…….

However, Domestic Paper and Labels and the Shipping Containers for imported paper and label stocks are in very short supply….and it is worsening daily!

Import wise China is having extreme electrical grid issues…due to pressures applied by the Various world organizations ( and their pollution issues ) they are actually taking some of their older coal fired plants off Line and updating them to “clean coal” fired plants…this is creating havoc in their grid and requiring rotating brown and black outs. You may have experienced these types of order delays already….as we have over the last few months.

Chinese paper ( and label ) mills are built right next to the ports…they do not store anything…

It goes out the back door…across the parking lot and onto a ship….BUT there are no containers available so they have to “shut down” the plant until the product they made last month can be loaded….Other exporting countries have product ready to ship but no containers or ships to bring it to the US.

They also have Labor shortages as we do….so imports ( as well as our domestic plants are being greatly impacted.

Adding to the issue, our domestic paper production has been taken off line or re-purposed for packaging, tissues or diapers over the last 2 years totaling over 120,000 tons per year…and

there has been no new paper producing mills opened since 1983 due to environmental regulations.

( Harder to open a paper mill than any other production facility other than Nuclear Power Plants! )

The popular consensus with the industry experts is it will get much worse before it gets better….and plan on shortages well into 2022! As of today…when a plant orders paper the ETA on many coated and uncoated sheets is now into MID FEBRUARY. The same is true for label stocks. Promotional item inventories are at a several decades low….and there is no foreseeable time line as to when it will ease.

If you need printed products….paper or labels….or promotional items Suncoast is now recommending you order 90 days in advance. Order Early … will help you avoid the frustrations of stock outages.

FRLA Excellence in Education Gala: Broward Chapter

Last night, the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association’s (FRLA) Broward Chapter hosted its annual Excellence in Education Gala last night at Harbor Beach Marriott. Suncoast sales team was there representing SMI!Check out more photos on Suncoast’s Facebook page! Like and share our page to show your support!


The Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association is among the most influential trade associations in Florida. The association was established in 1946 to represent the restaurant industry. Since that time, the scope of FRLA’s representation has expanded to include the entire hospitality industry including lodging establishments, restaurants and thousands of suppliers to the industry. The association counts among its members some of the largest businesses in each of these categories.

The mission of FRLA is to Protect, Educate, and Promote the hospitality industry. The power and influence of FRLA is indisputable with a legislative track record to back it up. Led by CEO Carol Dover and an active Board of Directors, FRLA has been effective in influencing legislation that has saved the industry $1.2 billion in taxes and fees over the past 10 years.

Euby Judges Dolphins Cheer Tryouts!

Randy “Euby” Eubanks, was selected as the Season Ticket Holder Judge for the Dolphins Cheerleader tryouts!!


Obviously there is NO REST for Euby…After a grueling week of calls in the island heat of Aruba and Curacao and a few hours sleep, he was on the judges stand inside the Dolphins Training Camp Bubble reviewing over 100 of South Florida’s most talented and attractive Cheerleaders.

The competition was extremely high, and Euby spent his entire Saturday helping make those difficult decisions. In the end, ALL OF HIS FAVORITES were finalists….go figure! 


Randy Eubanks with Meg Liz Owoc, Executive VP of Sales and Design for Meg Liz Swimwear

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Randy’s Trip to the Islands!

Randy “Euby” Eubanks and Luis, Export Manager, just returned from their annual sales trip supporting Suncoast’s clients in the ABC islands.

After many years of serving the islands, the trip is a wonderful change of venue, but provides a very fast schedule with the week split between the two islands Aruba and Curacao, sometimes more, and jam-packed with appointments.

After a full week of calls, it was great  to get back home and back in the Suncoast office   this week.

Randy and Luis traveling to the next meeting!

Randy and Luis traveling to the next meeting!

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… After his week of island travel, Euby was not done with his hectic schedule as he received a call from the Dolphins that he had been selected as the Season Ticket Representative Judge for the Dolphins Cheerleader Tryouts!

More to follow in the next post…