How being honest and authentic about your brand can define your business

Entrepreneurs’ POV: There’s nothing more powerful than your business’s brand— it’s the face of your company and the core of your organization’s identity. Jason Forrest, an entrepreneur from Texas, uncovered best practices for effectively maintaining and monitoring his firm’s brand.

Perception can be a powerful thing. As entrepreneurs, sometimes we see ourselves as honest, while our employees see us as brutally honest. Sometimes we see ourselves as balanced and our peers see us as lazy. The hard truth is that the way we want to be seen is often incongruent with how we’re actually seen. It’s the same with companies. Sometimes we have an internal understanding of who we are that doesn’t match how our customers see us. It all comes down to branding.Continue reading

Different Types of Bling

What the Bling?

Flash commands cash and embellished logos are an important decorating trend. But there’s more to bling than the simple rhinestone. Here’s the rundown.

5 Types of Bling

  1. Rhinestones are cut glass resembling the appearance of a diamond. They give off a reflective sparkle.
  2. Sequins are small round discs of metal or plastic that are slightly cupped, catching light for a glittering effect.
  3. Spangles are flat, shiny discs of plastic or metal that glisten with light and movement.
  4. Rhinestuds are octagon-shaped metal pieces that produce the shimmer and shine of rhinestones but at a lower price point.
  5. Nail heads are rounded, flat metal pieces that resemble the top of an actual nail.

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