Deliver The Dream! over $ 20,000 raised for charity

We had a great turnout at the Deliver the Dream event.

Team “Holidazed” Was in red, white, and blue fashion, representing Suncoast Marketing, who sponsored the event. Three of our employees Elizabeth, Nilbia, and Randy won bottles of wine.

One of Suncoast’s Clients Monica of House Detective Inspections won a cruise!

Congrats and thanks to everyone who participated, lets set an even bigger goal for next year.

FRLA Excellence in Education Gala: Broward Chapter

Last night, the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association’s (FRLA) Broward Chapter hosted its annual Excellence in Education Gala last night at Harbor Beach Marriott. Suncoast sales team was there representing SMI!Check out more photos on Suncoast’s Facebook page! Like and share our page to show your support!

Euby Judges Dolphins Cheer Tryouts!

Obviously there is NO REST for Euby…After a grueling week of calls in the island heat of Aruba and Curacao and a few hours sleep, he was on the judges stand inside the Dolphins Training Camp Bubble reviewing over 100 of South Florida’s most talented and attractive Cheerleaders.

The competition was extremely high, and Euby spent his entire Saturday helping make those difficult decisions. In the end, ALL OF HIS FAVORITES were finalists….go figure!

Visit Suncoast’s Facebook page here to see all the photos! “Like” and share our page to show your support!

Direct Mail STILL yields lowest “cost per lead” and highest conversion rates

Yes…it is true!  Direct Mail is still the best in conversion rates and lowest “cost per lead” of all major marketing efforts. The primary reason is that Sixty-Five ( 65% ) percent of all consumer age groups have purchased as a result of direct mail !  ( DMA Factbook 2013 )  Further, the DMA Factbook 2013 also shows that the cost per lead of direct mail is on par with print and pay-per-click and is substantially less than telemarketing….. and the The Print on Demand Institute reports that direct mail beats all other channels tested for conversion rates…both in lead generation as well as “buy now” offers. Post cards offer the most economical medium of direct mail, and the USPS states that they are the mail format most

likely to be read or scanned.  Of course, personalized mail ( using PURLS and other personalization formats ) greatly increases the success percentages.!  And the newest print technologies of “3-D” and “Dimensional” imaging trump the standard formats by over 250 % while only increasing the “cost per lead” by 50% !  Now that is ROI !

If you are not familiar with “3-D” or “Dimensional” printing….keep an eye out for your invitation to the October 1 st SMI Trade Show !  You will immediately see and FEEL the impact that this technology provides.    If you have not received yours…please send me a quick email note to insure we have one sent out to you immediately.  I look forward to seeing you all there…..

Till next time….       Euby

Dare to think BIG and OUTSIDE the box…..

Good Saturday afternoon  to everyone !
A wise man once said that only “we can limit ourselves”!

No one else can do that …under any and all circumstances, we humans are capable of overcoming any and all obstacles.  It is not

always easy…and sometimes it looks improssible…however,  we have all learned that while it might prove improbable at the time,

there is nothing that is impossible.

Check out this link below…. A “Human Powered” helicopter !

They thought BIG and they definitely thought “OUTSIDE THE BOX”……

If we transfer that thought process into our “Business” thoughts …we cannot fail !  We only succeed when we think success and


Let’s all try to start “Thinking BIG”  and “Outside the Box”….and make the second half of this great 2013 year….SPECTACULAR!  Let’s

all fly together…. START TODAY !

Heading to Chicago for a PSDA Board Meeting…and I will strive to approach everything with that mindset…..

Till next time…. Be Safe and Successful…     Euby