New Tax Filing Solutions and Opportunities

Products: Evolving to meet the market needs


Forms, Envelopes and Software.

Items purchased separately and must be matched up. Larger quantities often more than the small business needs. Labor intensive print and mailing required.


TaxRight Kits.

Puts everything together in one box. Forms, envelopes instructions and optional software for 10, 25 or 50 recipients. Smaller quantities and kitting offer more convenience for the small business.


LaserLink XL.

All forms are included on this desktop software. Prints on plain paper so there is no lining up forms in printer. User can e-file to IRS/SSA. Can import data from accounting software. Includes new ACA forms and e-file option.



Full print, mail and e-file in the cloud. Import the data from accounting software and we do the rest…

We print, mail, file with IRS and SSA then store in SOC II secure facility for easy access.


ACA Software.

Specialty software responding to new ACA reporting requirement. Easy to use and easy to sell. Provides for e- filing as well.

Why New Tax Filing Solutions…

img_1Tax form sales are declining as many filers are going online to eliminate the “pain points” of paper filing… printing, mailing, storing copies and transmitting to IRS & SSA.

You have an advantage over these online filing providers. You have existing forms users to convert Why the push to convert to e-file? Because e-file means less work for your current customers and more profit per filing for you.


Services: Meeting and beating the market shift

Private Label e-file site
E-file, print, deliver 1099s W-2s, ACA End user customer support
SOC II certified, HIPAA Compliant
Features custom logo and About Us info