Pressure Seal Mailers

PSMailers offer everything in one complete package: pressure seal documents, equipment and software! No more running around to three different sources. You have the solution that saves time, money and resources.


PSMailers Documents
Patented design and guaranteed compatibility with the PSMailers equipment and software. Whatever your mailing needs, this is a solution that is designed to be printed, folded, sealed and mailed in much less time than conventional printing and mailing processes using envelopes.

What Styles of PSMailers are Available?
There are six styles of PSMailers to give you virtually unlimited options for the various applications your business demands:

  • The versatile Z fold  (most popular)
  • The eccentric Z Fold (EZ)
  • The C Fold
  • The eccentric C Fold (EC)
  • The V Fold
  • The Z-Fold, extra voucher (ZX)


Built-in Security Features

  • Chemical Protection Paper
  • Fluorescent Fibers
  • Check Security Screen
  • Microprinted Back
  • Padlock Icon
  • Blockout for Enhanced Confidentiality
  • Heat Sensitive Ink (Thermochromic)
  • TonerFuse
  • Void Pantograph
  • Warning Border

PSMailers Format Driver
Finally, a software conversion that’s simple, inexpensive and powerful!
 The PSMailers Format Driver converts output from existing applications,
without any modifications, to the PSMailers format selected. You can
choose from pre-designed forms or create your own. The PSMailers
 Format Driver will lower costs for your business.

  • Compatible with Windows XP and 2000 platforms
  • Supports printing from multiple software applications
  • Developed for Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, Xerox and Epson laser and inkjet printers