2012…a few questions to ask yourself to make it your best year ever!

Happy New Year !   We are all aware that the last few years have been some of the most “challenging” of most of our lifetimes.  What was once quite easy became difficult…. and the past difficulties became extremely challenging and some of the “challenges” became almost impossible…..  Now we have a New Year and we all desire that same improvement!  So…what are we going to do “differently” to accomplish the desired outcome?  A friend of Euby’s ( thanks Jeff ! )  sent him the following “questions” to ask yourself….set aside a few minutes…and read the questions…and WRITE down your answers.  Keep it where you can see it dailiy…and refer back !  MAKE IT HAPPEN…MAKE 2012 the “turn around” year !  Pass along the Passion !

1)  What are you going to do differently this year to improve your industry and product knowledge?

2) How will you market to your inactive clients to “revive” them?

3)  How will you add “value” to your  relationship in existing clients?

4)  How many “new customers” will you target to activate this year?

5)  What will you do to improve your “physical” health to allow you to perform better?

6) What are your “Goals” for this year in business?

7) What will you do daily to keep your “passion” and “attitude” at high levels?

8) How many referrals will you receive from clients?  How many times will you ask for them?

9)  Where can you “maximize” your time by eliminating the “time wasters” ?

10)  What have you been “putting off” that you can take care of THIS WEEK?

How good will you feel when you commit to the above….take action on it…and

accomplish it ?   Get started today….  Go out and implement your plan and MAKE


A final quote….”Your actions…and your actions ALONE, determines your worth”!  Johann Fichte