What? They are NOT returning your calls???

Just read a great article about Cold Calling ( one of my favorite pass-times….either by phone or my very favorite in person ) and the lack of response by Kelley Robertson….and I wanted to share a brief recap of it….as it is very good food for thought….

If they are NOT calling you back or taking your call…look to these six possible reason and analyze your approach….and of course take ACTION and PRACTICE to improve it!

1) Your voice mail is TOO long for ANYONE to really listen to….Real decision makers are BUSY…make it 15 seconds or less plus your call back info….total 30 seconds….REPEAT your call back info slowly….

2) Your message is too cryptic! ( or the reverse… to short and terse ) Add DETAILS…but remind yourself of # 1 above!

3) You leave the same voice mail message each time? Really? You are selling your “creative services” and you can’t come up with a different email? Have multiples and leave variations…..

4) You sound like everyone else? Be CREATIVE…they get dozens of messages a day…make your stand out before they hit DELETE!

5) You just “called” …you didn’t research….you don’t have a clue….about them or their company…but they DO about YOU…they know YOU DONT! DELETE!

6) Your product or service, as you presented it….does not interest them! Either you didn’t dp # 5 and you are calling the wrong company / person….or ….you are “couching” your sell in the wrong way….either way you are WASTING YOUR AND THEIR TIME!

What do these “sales blunders” cost you? your company?? the prospect??? ….BIG BUCKS…..

Till next time…get out there and SELL SOMETHING!


Business Gift Survey….Survey Says…..

Holiday Gifts for Clients and Employees are a huge business each year.  Everyone wants to get the most impact for the dollars they spend…and I have some great survey results that I will share below that will help you “target” that impact in future purchases!  The Survey Says……

According to the 2012 Holiday Gift Survey…over 50% of respondents list a products “Reputation for Quality” as their number one attribute for great gifts.  They simply do not want a cheap gift for the sake of receiving a gift.  So if you are thinking  of giving….go strong or stay home!

Another interesting number for Euby was that 63% of employers purchase employee gifts each year…and the amount that they spend per employee has stayed steady the last few years.  I would have expected a reduction due to the poor economic conditions of the last few years….and almost all wanted to keep the spend UNDER $ 50.00

The most popular gifts in the eyes of  the employers for their employees  were….. in percentage order …. 1)   Gift Cards  27%      2)  Apparel   25%      3)  Food  22%     4) Cash Bonus   17%   ( really…cash was  4th ??? )     5)  Padfolios / Pens / Drinkware all at 13%

The most popular gifts in the eyes of the Business owners to their clients were…in order….   1)  Food 28%             2)  Bags and totes  19%        3)  Apparel    18%         4)  GIft Cards   17%        5)   Padfolios, Pens and drinkware  13%

These were very surprising numbers to me….and I found them quite interesting!  I hope you did also.  Put the knowledge to good use…place it in your calendar for Oct 1 st next year…and make decisions accordingly for both groups!

That is it for this years blogs…see you in 2013 !          All the best!   Euby

Gold Coast Promotional Products Show

Euby paid a visit to the Gold Coast Promotional Products Show this past week and found a great new product that will save a lot of us who travel frequently by air a great deal of time! So….Suncoast Marketing now offers the new T.S.A. approved CheckPoint Friendly Laptop and Briefcase line! How is that for added convenience…. a laptop bag that does not require you to pull the laptop out and send it thru the x-ray seperately! What a great convenience for everyone! There are several approved models available with all featuring the uniquely designed laptop only section that easily unfolds to lay flat on the x-ray belt. Prices range from starting at just under $30.00 to $ 75.00 based on features and accessories. Silkscreening and Debossing of Company names and logos is available and included in the previously mentioned price ranges. Contact any Suncoast Sales Representative for more information on this great new product offering.