What? They are NOT returning your calls???

Just read a great article about Cold Calling ( one of my favorite pass-times….either by phone or my very favorite in person ) and the lack of response by Kelley Robertson….and I wanted to share a brief recap of it….as it is very good food for thought….

If they are NOT calling you back or taking your call…look to these six possible reason and analyze your approach….and of course take ACTION and PRACTICE to improve it!

1) Your voice mail is TOO long for ANYONE to really listen to….Real decision makers are BUSY…make it 15 seconds or less plus your call back info….total 30 seconds….REPEAT your call back info slowly….

2) Your message is too cryptic! ( or the reverse… to short and terse ) Add DETAILS…but remind yourself of # 1 above!

3) You leave the same voice mail message each time? Really? You are selling your “creative services” and you can’t come up with a different email? Have multiples and leave variations…..

4) You sound like everyone else? Be CREATIVE…they get dozens of messages a day…make your stand out before they hit DELETE!

5) You just “called” …you didn’t research….you don’t have a clue….about them or their company…but they DO about YOU…they know YOU DONT! DELETE!

6) Your product or service, as you presented it….does not interest them! Either you didn’t dp # 5 and you are calling the wrong company / person….or ….you are “couching” your sell in the wrong way….either way you are WASTING YOUR AND THEIR TIME!

What do these “sales blunders” cost you? your company?? the prospect??? ….BIG BUCKS…..

Till next time…get out there and SELL SOMETHING!


PRINT: Paper and Pulp Price Pressure continues…

The news on the “paper and pulp price pressures” continue to build toward substantial increases for 2010. We continue to see sharp increases in input costs for most mills, not only with pulp, but energy ( and this could be significant with some pending legislation ) wood, chemicals and transportation costs all trending up. Add to this that the “black liquor credits” all expired in 2010, which is the equivalent of a $ 100 per ton cost increase! IP, Franklin, Domtar and Plymouth together have announced permanent shutdowns of over 700 tons of uncoated freesheet capacity in North America alone in 2010! Additional imports may offset some of this capacity, but with the current issues with “mother nature” including weather and earthquakes as well as union strikes, will slow their importation. Pulp costs have risen 31% in the last year already….and that is eqivilent to $ 230 per ton in cost increases. Add to this possible pressure to close non-integrated paper mills in Europe and North American due to the rising costs of pulp, and we could be in for a long run of price increases, especially if demand stays strong or increases. Prepare for those increases now… it is no longer a matter of “if or when”….but “when, how much and how often”!


Paper Price Increase: Paper Madness ((Factors to Why))

Paper prices have been slowly but constantly edging upward over the past months and now they appear poised to possibly make some dramatic increases unlike any we have seen in recent years. There are several factors that are creating this climate of upward pressure on paper prices. Even with the recent recession paper consumption has remained strong. This coupled with various production plant closures prompted by various reasons, some financial and others due to enviromental regulations, capacity has been reduced. Now pulp shortages are now occuring and the month of March has seen an incredible number of events already that impact paper prices and it is only the 20 th! Another 11 days like the first 20 and paper prices may escallate at a record pace! With credit to the PAF’s recent breaking news on this very subject…..here are just a few of the real March “Paper” Madness …. Finnish Ports are on strike forcing their mills to shut down due to over stocked storage facilities. Since the U.S. receives over 600,000 tons annually of coated papers from them in the US ( Finnish Mills UPM ) you can quickly see the impact here. Pulp prices reached $ 900.00 per ton last week… the largest 7 day increase in 6 years! Pulp in Europe should break the $ 1,000 per ton mark this spring…and that is higher than the last peak seen in 1995! Add to that the earthquake taking out the Chilean production you have 12% of the WORLDS pulp mills shut down! And of course we have had one of the worst winters on record in the U.S. and with that very wet winter the US Mills are not able to harvest the pulp needed for production! St Marys Paper, New Page Corp and others have announced plans to curtail or place moratoriums on some paper grade orders. All of these situations world wide have created the “perfect paper storm” ! No need to panic…we will have paper…but we WILL be paying more! Euby

Pay It Forward Becomes Business Vision For Suncoast Marketing, Inc

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Pay It Forward Becomes Business Vision For Suncoast Marketing, Inc

This story was shared with me by Maria Regisford of Suncoast Marketing in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. A business client of several years, her story is shared with you here with the permission of both Maria and SMI President, Bob Scala.

Many of you are familiar with the movie, Pay It Forward, starring Haley Joel Osmond. If you are not, in the movie, a middle school student is challenged to come up with an idea to change the world. His answer is to do three things for three different people that they need but can’t do for themselves. They in turn are ‘required’ to pay it forward, by doing something for three other people in need.

This is her story. Thank you Maria.

On January 2nd I was out running some errands and decided to have lunch.
As I was eating, I noticed three young girls come in and get one plate of food. They all sat down together and divided up the plate into three parts. They only had one spoon, so the other two started to eat what they had with their fingers. I went to the Manager and asked if he knew the kids. He said ‘yes’ they were the sisters of Celeste, who works in the back. When I asked if I could speak with her, he kindly called her and when I saw her asked if she would mind if I bought her sisters some chicken, “Oh that would be so nice if you would”, she said.

I placed my order and it came to $7.00. I only had $4.00 in singles and was reaching for my debit card when the cashier said, “I forgot to give you the discount. Your total is $3.80 and you get 2 loaves of bread with that chicken.”

Oh the joy on their faces as they each sat with their own plate, their own utensils and napkin in their lap. They thanked me as I left. And I tell you, I felt good.

But that’s not the end of the story.

I’d been having trouble with the plumbing.. I’d tried bleach, liquid plumber and was getting myself ready to spend the money I didn’t have on a plumber. I was thinking all this while raking leaves and talking to God about it, when the Rotor Rooter truck drove by. It stopped and out stepped Leroy from our church and asked, “Can I help you rake some leaves?” I said, “No, but could you snake my drain?” and explained the problem to him. He said, “It would be my pleasure, no problem at all. It’s funny, they wanted me to go out on another job, but I told them no, it’s 5 o’clock and I need to get home earlier tonight. But then as I was driving, something just told me to come by your house.” Well he fixed the problem and as he came out I said, “Leroy, how much do I owe you?” He said, “Don’t be silly, I’m off the clock. Just a hug.” And off he drove.

What you put out you get back.  Leroy showed up because of the kind actions that I put out into the universe by helping those children. I didn’t do it thinking of getting something in return. The thanks that I got as I saw their faces was my reward. And that is important. You can’t do things thinking about getting something back. They have to be unselfish acts.

The timing of this incident has been perfect. In sharing the story in our office, our company President, Bob decided that, Pay It Forward, should be our Suncoast Marketing mission and vision for 2010. We are already a very customer focused business and Pay It Forward, only helps to refocus and re energize us. And that’s not a coincidence either.